News From the Field Studies Centre

News From the Field Studies Centre

Rhythm and routine are an important element of the Field Studies Programme. The boys fall into a cycle of four days of academic learning and three days of outdoor learning during their term at Woollamia. This routine provides both predictability and stability for the boys. They are each encouraged to follow the programme which is posted around the campus and ensure that they are prepared for what the day will bring. From orienteering to canoeing, mountain biking to rock climbing, academic fieldwork to the commencement of co-curricular activities, this week has been full of learning and new adventures. The boys of Field Studies Programme 4 have displayed an openness to new experiences and a keenness to work with their peers, which has been impressive.

This week we inducted the fourth group of Field Studies Student Leaders at the Woollamia Campus. Each of the four pastoral groups worked with their tutors to nominate two representatives to take on this formal leadership role for the term. I am pleased to announce that the FSP student leaders for Term 4 2022 are:

– Bundarwa: Benny Chen and Lucas Kotevich

– Booderee: Daniel Lok and Grayson Doig

– Cambewarra: Josh Falato and Leopold Vo

– Cullunghutti: James Borg and Banjo Hannaford

This year we have partnered with the University of Newcastle to undertake a research project that will seek to identify the short and long-term effects of the Year 9 Field Studies Programme on participants. The research which is being conducted by University’s Associate Professor Scott Imig and Associate Professor Narelle Ether and co-ordinated by Trinity’s Director of Research, Deb de Ridder, will investigate the impact of the FSP on a range of personal attributes and performance indicators. These include relationships, resilience, self‐confidence, self-esteem, self-management, wellbeing, teamwork, leadership, and academic performance. The boys complete a pre and post survey and several staff and student focus groups will also be established to dive deeper into the impact of the programme. We look forward to unpacking the data that is generated by this research in the months and years ahead, and better understanding the impact of the programme on Trinity’s young men.

On Saturday afternoon this week the boys are looking forward to connecting with their parents for the first of the fortnightly MS Teams video conferences, and I am sure that there will be plenty of stories and updates to share as each of the students connects with loved ones. We have put this process of making video calls to the test over the last two years, and found it provides a great insight for families into the adventures the boys are having on the FSP.


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