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Music News | Preparatory School

Staff Changes 

Today we farewell Ms Lorraine Chan after 12 years of dedication and service to the string students. Ms Chan has been instrumental in the continual growth of the strings programme, the transition to Year 1 Compulsory Program and the introduction of viola and double bass as well as a number of additional string co-curricular ensembles. This growth has ensured all boys have had an opportunity to be involved.  We thank Ms Chan for her care, concern and devotion to the continuous improvement of our boys and wish her all the best for the future.

Denham Court Scholarship 2023

The Denham Court Scholarship applications for students who have attained Grade 3 or above on an orchestral instrument are due by Friday 21st October and must be endorsed by the Instrumental Music Teacher before submitting. No Late entries will be accepted. Once all applications have been accepted, Mrs Campbell will notify of the one piano accompaniment rehearsal time supported by the School with Ms Welsh and the audition time.  Any further accompaniment rehearsals will be at the parental expense. Auditions will be held on 8th November.

Rehearsals Week 1 Term 4

As the students commence on Tuesday 11th October, music ensemble rehearsals will resume that morning and operate as usual going forward. Please ensure boys are in attendance.

Upcoming Events

  • RSCM – Tuesday 18th October – Trinity Singers
  • Closing Date Denham Court Scholarship Applications – 21st October
  • AMEB String Exams – Tuesday 25th October
  • AMEB Piano Exams – Friday 28th October
  • Denham Court Scholarship Auditions – Tuesday 8th November
  • Christmas Service – Monday 28th November
  • Prize Giving – Friday 2nd December


Mrs Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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