CAS Track and Field – Invitational 5

CAS Track and Field – Invitational 5

For the fifth invitational competition of the CAS Track & Field season we were finally greeted with some warm and sunny weather. With the boys vying for selection for the final CAS Championship team, this was the last chance to impress and impress they did!

Impressive performances were put in across all age groups with Jack Greaves again clearing the 71metre mark, Ben Stevens throwing discus out near the school record and the 17yrs 4 x 100m relay including Seb Ghisso, Ashvin Peter, Max Wende Dunstan and Christian Pulley, going close to one of the schools most impressive records in a very swift time of 43.18.

A snapshot of Trinity Grammar School Results can be found below

Please click here to view photos.

13 Years

100m – E Huynh (7Ke) 12.25, J Karamanlidis (7St) 12.30, Z Nguyen (7Ta) 12.75, C Macdonald (7WJ) 12.82, K Jiang (7Sch) 13.02

200m – J Karamanlidis (7St) 25.90, Z Nguyen (7Ta) 26.70, E Huynh (7Ke) 27.02, J Sydhom (7Hi) 27.29, C Macdonald (7WJ) 27.49

400m – W Saunders (7Ke) 62.30, T Wood (7WJ) 71.16, K Ketheswaran (7Ho) 73.96, E Royal (7Ar) 80.65

800m – S Oliver (7St) 2:23.3, D Simpson (7Du) 2:25.5, J Chong (7Hi) 2:24.8, T Wood (7WJ) 2:40.6, M Prideaux (7WH) 2:51.8

1500m – S Oliver (7St) 5:06.6, M Munday (7WJ) 5:31.6, M Kuit (7Ho) 5:57.2

Hurdles – E Huynh (7Ke) 14.88, W Sheldrick (7We) 16.34, S Ratnavadivel (8Du) 16.60, S Telfer (7He) 17.06, M Prideaux (7WH) 17.14

Long Jump – C Macdonald (7WJ) 4.74m, S Ratnavadivel (8Du) 4.57m, T Blackman (7Du) 4.49m, J Barry (7Mu) 4.15, J Sidey (7La) 3.97m

High Jump – K Jiang (7Sch) 1.40m, J Barry (7Mu) 1.40m, W Sheldrick (7We) 1.35m, J Sidey (7La) 1.30m, S Telfer (7He) 1.25m

Shotput – A Caridi (7Sc) 11.70m, O Varone (7He) 10.99

Discus – A Jamwal (7Ho) 21.25m, M Prideaux (7WH) 17.47m, K Ketheswaran (7Ho) 13.47m, T Wood (7WJ) 12.05m, E Royal (7Ar) 11.45m

Javelin – T Blackman (7Du) 27.62m, A Fudeh (7Yo) 21.09m, T Wood (7WJ) 20.81m, M Kuit (7Ho) 14.91m

4x100m – ‘A’ Team 50.81

 14 Years

100m – A Wu (8We) 12.46, H Choker (8He) 12.78, A Lee (8WJ) 12.88, G Ricci (8La) 13.15, S Yuan (8Fo) 13.34

200m – A Wu (8We) 25.5, G Ricci (8La) 26.50, L Luzzani (8Ta) 26.55, T Luu (8Ar) 27.80

400m – J Lubke (8Ta) 58.75

800m – L Ghanem (9WJ) 2:37.1

1500m – J Lubke (8Ta) 4:32.2, A Royal (9Ar) 4:40.7

Hurdles – H France (8WH) 18.37, C Macdonald (7WJ), K Murphy (8Ta) 21.70

Long Jump – T Luu (8Ar) 4.72m, K Murphy (8Ta) 4.61m, H France (8WH) 4.53m, G Ricci (8La) 4.40m

High Jump – K Murphy (8Ta) 1.53m, T Luu (8Ar) 1.40m

Shotput – C Ramanauskas (8Ke) 13.52m, A Lee (8WJ) 9.39m

Discus – C Ramanauskas (8Ke) 47.56m

4x100m – ‘A’ Team 51.23

 15 Years

100m – L Toohey (9Ke) 11.72m, K Stamoulos (10WJ), B Hannaford (9Du) 12.53

200m – B Prideaux (9WH) 24.65, K Stamoulos (10WJ) 26.10

400m – A Hoskinson (9He) 56.28

800m – P Dawson (9La) 2:06.0, T Dawson (9La) 2:20.6

1500m – A Christian (9He) 4:34.7, T Dawson (9La) 4:55.9, P Dawson (9La) 5:22.9

Hurdles – B Prideaux (9WH) 19.65

Long Jump – G Doig (9He) 5.15m, B Hannaford (9Du) 5.02m, L Lusty (9Sc) 4.84m

High Jump – G Doig (9He) 1.75m, L Lusty (9Sc) 1.50m

Shotput – L Toohey (9Ke) 12.85m

Discus – L Toohey (9Ke) 39.86m

Javelin – T Bermingham (9Mu) 44.05m, B Hannaford (9Du) 35.88m

4x100m – ‘A’ Team 50.52

 16 Years

100m – M Amine (11Yo) 11.38, L Ratnavadivel (11Du) 11.42, M Chen (11Ar) 11.69, A Soatini (10Ho) 11.75, B Geddes () 11.85

200m – L Ratnavadivel (11Du) 23.04, M Amine (11Yo) 23.45, M Chen (11Ar) 23.96, L Raptis (10Ta) 26.30

400m – D Mitchell (11La) 54.15, J Leung () 57.45

800m – D Mitchell (11La) 2:00.4, B Moloney (10Yo) 2:02.2

1500m – B Moloney (10Yo) 4:27.3

Hurdles – H Crakanthorp (10Ta) 22.12

Long Jump – M Chen (11Ar) 5.40m

High Jump – J Martin (11Sc) 1.80m, I Murphy (10Ta) 1.65m

Shotput – A Soatini (10Ho) 12.52m, M Ticic (10Sc) 11.58m, E Albrighton (10Sc) 10.51m, Z Alshehabi (10Du) 10.50m

Discus – C Ramanauskas (8Ke) 38.70m, Z Alshehabi (10Du) 32.39m, H Hoang (10Ta) 32.18m, M Ticic (10Sc) 29.33m

Javelin – W Mansfield (10Ke) 35.88m, M Nasr (10Mu) 33.36m, H Crakanthorp (10Ta) 28.60m

4x100m – ‘A’ Team DQ

 17 Years

100m – S Ghisso (12He) 10.70, C Pulley (11Fo) 11.01, M Wende-Dunstan (11Du) 11.33, M King (11Ta) 11.35, A Peter (11Ho) 11.47

200m – M King (11Ta) 22.85, A Peter (11Ho) 23.60, J Burge (11He) 24.35

400m – M King (11Ta) 50.45

800m – J Waide (11Ke) 1:57.9, D Krsnik (11St) 2:07.8, L Stubbs (12Ho) 2:17.5, L Potter (12Fo) 2:17.7

1500m – Z Pliatsikas (11Ho) J Cantlon (11Du) 4:18.2, J Schroder (12WJ) 4:19.4

Hurdles – C Pulley (11Fo) 14.98, G Simoes Peixero (11Sc) 17.95

Long Jump – M Wende-Dunstan (11Du) 6.25m, A Peter (11Ho) 6.20m, C Kwan (11Ta) 5.82m, A Shi (11Sc) 5.30m

High Jump – A Peter (11Ho) 1.80m, F Ramanauskas (11Ke) 1.80m

Shotput – B Stevens (11We) 17.46m, F Ramanauskas (11Ke), L Sandilant (11Hi) 11.83m

Discus – B Stevens (11We) 52.55m, F Ramanauskas (11Ke) 36.51m

Javelin – J Higgins (11He) 45.39m, I Wyatt (11WJ) 42.05m

4x100m – ‘A’ team 43.18


100m – L Wolfe (12St) 11.67

400m – O Martin (12Sc) 52.97

800m – O Walker (12Fo) 2:16.6

3000m – K Stephandellis (12Hi) 12:23.00, R Chapman (11He) 12:29.4

Hurdles – W Moir (12Hi) 16.29, I Murphy (16.34), N Giacoppo (11He) 20.40

Long Jump – W Moir (12Hi) 6.50m

High Jump – L Wolfe (12St) 1.75m

Shotput – B Stevens (11We) 15.41m

Discus – J Greaves (12We) 46.94m, W Moir (12Hi) 26.54m

Javelin – J Greaves (12We) 71.41m, S Konidaris (12Sc) 44.01m, W Moir (12Hi) 30.76m, W Maistry (12Ta) 14.19m

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