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PYP ‘Attributes of the Learner Profile’ Display

Our current PYP Learner Profile display is for the attribute of Communicators. According to the IB, if we are communicators we ‘express ourselves confidently and creatively in more than one language and in many ways. We collaborate effectively, listening carefully to the perspectives of other individuals and groups.’

This display shares books about people who have embodied this characteristic throughout their lives, including Helen Keller and Salvador Dali.

We also have a section in the display where students are encouraged to record the name of someone they know who demonstrates this learner profile attribute. We invite you to participate in this discussion by chatting to your son/s about what being a good communicator looks, sounds and feels like, and sharing with them someone you admire who shows the attribute of being a good communicator, or a time when you have had to be a communicator yourself.

Learning in the Library – Year 6 Exhibition Sessions

This term, the majority of our Year 6 Library sessions have been focused on Exhibition. This week in Library the boys worked on clarifying the issue they would like to research and refining their individual line of inquiry. They identified three key PYP concepts that best fit with their issue, and then developed three lines of inquiry based around these key concepts, before selecting one as their Exhibition focus.

We then moved on to developing our central idea for Exhibition. The boys reflected on past units of inquiry, identifying the central ideas they had inquired into and what transdisciplinary theme these were connected to. They then identified concepts (which were timeless, universal and abstract/broad) that they had inquired into previously, and used these as a springboard to suggest possible central ideas for our 2022 Exhibition. Next, we will work with the boys to ensure their lines of inquiry connect with the Exhibition central idea, before progressing onto writing their three key concept driven inquiry questions, which will form the basis of their Exhibition research.

These are not easy skills to develop and apply, and we are impressed with the quality of work the majority of boys have produced so far, and the range of issues they are passionate about and have chosen to inquire into. We are excited to follow as they continue on this learning journey, become experts in their chosen issues, and share their findings with you during our Exhibition evening in Term 4.

Gillian Gratton | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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