Prep | Year 4 News

Prep | Year 4 News


In Year 4 we are continuing to enjoy our inquiry into Sharing the Planet and building awareness into our Central Idea: Equitable access to resources is a global responsibility, and our Lines of Inquiry: the use of finite and infinite resources, interactions between people, places and the environment and challenges for the global community. We have been looking at case studies related to a variety of resources, occurring locally and overseas. We have had rich discussions around the difference in perspectives for the parties involved for issues relating the consumption, management and sharing of resources. The boys are continuing to challenge their own thinking and be more responsible for making a positive difference to the world we live in. Eventually, we would like the boys to think about how they could bring about change, and we will incorporate the Global Goals to build their awareness and promote action.


Since Week 4 of Term 3, the Year 4 boys have been learning about fractions and decimals. They have been investigating equivalent fractions and modelling, comparing and representing fractions with different denominators. They have been using concrete materials, diagrams and number lines to explain their understanding of different fractions. They have also learnt about decimals and how to use the place value system to see how a number can be extended to tenths and hundredths and make connections between fractions and decimal notation. They will also learn how to apply decimal notation to express whole numbers, tenths and hundredths as decimals and investigate equivalences using various methods.


In Writing, the boys are continuing to focus on writing information reports with a focus on incorporating well researched information when drafting a text linked to topics from our current Unit of Inquiry focus. Boys are growing in their understanding of how to produce higher quality pieces of writing and reflecting on their texts to identify areas they could improve in through peer and self-feedback. Within Literature Studies, the boys are beginning a focus on making connections which involves using the text to find connections with themself, other texts, and past and present relatable topics from around the world.

Christian Studies

The boys have finally been able to present their awesome dramas on their chosen prophet (messenger) of the Old Testament. The boys chose an event from a selection of prophets such as Daniel, Jonah or Esther and created a script with their group. They chose their own method of presentation, which included dress up drama, figurines, models, Lego, Google Slides, Minecraft and puppets. It was encouraging to see their social and communication skills develop over the last few months as they brought their script to life. They were also encouraged to share feedback with their peers to help them for their next opportunity. Our new UOI will take us on a journey of exploration as we look at people who took the message of Jesus around the world and the impact it made on the people and cultures – sometimes with amazing and also terrible consequences.

In Chapel, we are thinking about “the fruit of the Spirit”. This encourages us all to think about how we share love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control with others. We have been learning a new crazy song reminding us that the fruit of the Spirit is not a coconut, or banana but the actions that come from us to serve others. It is also encouraging for them to see other staff members come to Chapel and share their wonderful joy about Jesus with the boys.

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