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Library News | Preparatory School

Book Parade

It was fantastic to have the Book Parade up and running again with both students and parents in attendance. The effort that you all went to with costumes was amazing and such a lovely way to promote a love of reading with your son. Thank you to everyone who wore a costume and helped us celebrate the day.

Book Fair

This week we held our Book Fair in the Prep Library. Boys may bring home a wishlist, payment for these books can be paid online, fill in all the payment details and return the wishlist to school with your son to receive the books.

Author Talk

This week we were lucky to have RA Spratt visit us to talk about her life as a published author. If any students are interested, they can purchase books from her website. She will sign them and then deliver them to the School for your son.

Book Review by Sarah Beasant- Tin Man by Sarah Winman

For anyone who’s enjoyed Sarah Winman’s more recent ‘Still Life’, you’ll probably love the shorter, but still achingly beautiful ‘Tin Man’. For those who haven’t, it’s a great introduction to her writing which reads more like a poem than a typical historical novel in parts. Against the backdrop of industrial (rather than scholarly) Oxford, a love story is told in retrospect. Through the eyes of the protagonist, Ellis, and his best friend’s diaries we encounter the heartbreak of opportunities missed and love lost, and the kindness of strangers.

Mrs Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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