Tennis Round vs Waverley

Tennis Round vs Waverley

1st and 2nd IV Report

Last Saturday marked the final round of the CAS Winter season, and Trinity was matched up against Waverley College, who proved to be tenacious opponents. The 1st IV were at full strength and provided a great show of skill and resilience to win the fixture 6 sets to 2.

The first doubles pairing of Dylan Guler (12WH) and Finn Taylor (10La) unfortunately lost both doubles sets in tiebreaks, both of which were extremely tightly contested. James Kim (11Ar) and Max Knauer (11Ho) comprehensively defeated their doubles opponents, 6-3 6-1. After the doubles sets, the teams were evenly poised at two sets all. It all now depended on the singles sets and the class of the Trinity team was on full display yet again.In record breaking time, Max demonstrated his superb singles game, demolishing his opponent 6-1 in what seemed like seconds. With sledgehammer forehands and a serve that broke speed limits, Max’s opponent stood no real chance. Despite feeling that he did not play his best, Finn won his match with sublime ease 6-3, showing off his clinical and crafty game. James won with ease, defeating his overconfident opponent 6-1 and preventing his opponent winning all three of his sets for the day. Dylan, the team captain, was the last singles match to be completed and he impressively rallied back from being behind 0-3, exhibiting his unyielding leadership and steely determination to win 6-4. Congratulations to Dylan, our team leader, on resolutely winning his last match for Trinity.

The 2nd IV unfortunately came short of a victory. The first pairing of Angelo Shi (10Sc) and Jayden Higgins (11He) lost both doubles sets, despite displaying brilliant shotmaking. Dominic Furfaro (10Ar) and Alex Gavrilovic (11Yo) were extremely unlucky to not come away with wins in their doubles and singles matches. Special shoutout should be given to Jayden Higgins being the only one to come away with a win in the seconds, demolishing his opponent 6-2, with powerful serves and booming forehands.

We would like to thank our coaches, Jeremy Dykgraaff and Ethan Tulliani who were always there to guide us every Saturday. Most importantly, special mention should be given to Dylan, our tennis captain and exemplary leader. Dylan has been a longtime committed player and has been a tremendous asset to Trinity tennis. He has led our team with grit and skill, resulting in the 1st IV finishing in equal second place for the 2022 Winter season. We are saddened that this is his last match as he prepares for his Year 12 exams. We wish him well in his future endeavours.

James Kim | 1st IV team member

3rd and 4th IV Report

The last two Saturdays summed up the highs and lows experienced by the 3rds and 4ths this Winter Season. Against Cranbrook in the second last round we were represented well by substitute players, but they were unable to take sets from the toughest opposition either team has faced. The absence of three regular 3rds players was certainly felt.

Against Waverley last Saturday we were missing only one regular member of the teams, and the 3rds, while a little rusty from limited training, were back to full strength. While George Nicholas (11WJ) and Nick Papadopoulos (12He) suffered from the lack of preparation in their doubles, George made up for this poor beginning nicely with a classy, dominant display in his singles. He mixed aggressive forehands with some judicious backhand slices and deft net play to overcome a determined opponent, and impressed even more in their singles. Andrew Yang (11Hi) and Beier Chen (11Yo) won their doubles and their singles, and entertained spectators with some unusual shots and irrepressible banter. The 4 sets to 2 win was a gratifying way to finish the season.

The 4ths were the beneficiaries of three forfeited sets, but the three live sets were won decisively by Caleb Kwan (11Ta) and Jack Burge (11He) who relished the opportunity to take on adversaries without the firepower of the previous round’s implacable opposition. Harry Santhiran (11Hi) and Oliver Highett-Smith (11Hi) were given only one chance – because of the forfeits – to shine, but this they did, dismissing their opponents as easily as had Caleb and Jack. The 6 sets to 0 victory was, again, a very pleasant end to the mixed fortunes of the winter rounds.

Ashley Lucas | Coach

5th and 6th IV Report

As the final fixture of winter tennis doomed upon us, it sparked up emotions unbeknownst to many of the boys, realising that today was their last game as a Trinitarian. Our boys took this achievement into their stride and battled hard for their last fixture at Waverley courts. In the 5ths, Trinity won 4-2 on sets and 28-14 on games with Jayden Leung, Alex Jacob and Elliot Kim all winning their final fixture 6-0 – a great send off for our boys and one to cherish.

The 6ths could only be described as a nail biter from start to finish. With absentees from both teams, four sets were in play to decide the winner. The final count saw Trinity and Waverley at two sets all and in the end, one game decided the winning team – today that was Trinity edging a last minute victory 14 games to 13. I would like to point out Alex Ward whose 6-0 singles victory was a deciding factor in today’s win. I wish the boys the best of luck for next season and in their future endeavours!

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 5ths/6ths coach

10A Report

The Trinity 10As played a great series of matches on Saturday. The doubles match was a good showing of the teamwork between each pair, winning 6-2 and 6-1. James Chan (10La) and Aidan Kuoch (10La) had impressive service games that contributed to their smooth victory. Kavi Suri (10Yo) managed to clinch a 6-0 victory over his opponent, showing off his great footwork. Overall, a well played Saturday by the 10As.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 5ths/6ths coach

9A Report

Compared to the sunny and pristine forecast of the morning session, the 9As had to battle against a tough Waverley side – both teams impeded by strong winds and the consistent barking of an albeit beautiful dog whom I very much gravitated towards. Of course, the final fixture of the season had to be a stressful finish and although Trinity were a player short on the day, the rest of the team put their front foot forward and played for the green and white stripes. In the end, the forfeited matches were too hard to overcome and Trinity, although even on sets, went down 24-33 games. Huge props must go to George Stavrakis 9WJ who ended up playing two tie-breaks and winning them both. I wish all the boys the best of luck for next season!

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 9As coach

Year 8 Report

Our Trinity 8As played a great weekend of tennis against Waverley. The doubles teams were especially strong, with Alejandro Molina (8Ke) and Toby Zuzza (8Ho) crushing their opponents without dropping a game. Similarly, Ishaan Sharma (8Ar) and Khang Nyugen (8WH) also played a dominating doubles match, easily sealing the victory.

The Trinity 8Bs displayed their great athletic prowess on the courts and established a decisive victory over Waverley, only dropping two games across the team. CJ Nyugen (8Yo) and Alex Ren (8St) defeated their doubles opponents easily, 6-0. Jared Arnold (8Ar) and Ujwal Yadem (8Fo) also individually played strong singles games, winning 6-1 and 6-0 respectively.

Sunny Tang | Coach

Year 7 A and B report

The 7As played a dominant game on the weekend, winning all of their matches. Ryan Qin (7Yo) and Marcus Kuit (7Ho) played a convincing doubles set, winning six games to none. They each, along with Nathan Della Torre (7La) and Lucas Preston (7WH),  tore through their singles matches, winning once again six games to none. Overall, a spectacular performance from the boys.

The 7Bs played a superb game against St Aloysius’, with them coming away with all of the matches and leaving none for the opponent. Ollie Jessop (7We) played a very clean singles games, easily claiming victory, 6-0. Lucas Davies (7Ta) and and Roderick Chang (7Yo) all fought a small battle in their matches but ultimately they still showed that they were easily stronger, winning their singles 6-2 and 6-1. Thomas Joannou (7Du) also performed in his doubles match with Ollie, claiming victory 6-4.

Sunny Tang | Coach

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