Finding fulfilment through many different roles

Finding fulfilment through many different roles

Simon Kelly attended Trinity Grammar School as a student, graduating in 1987 – so he knows the value of a Trinity education. Now, he’s the Director of Enrolments for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6, the latest in a long line of fulfilling roles across each of the Trinity campuses. 

As he finished up his university studies, Simon had the opportunity to complete his practical teaching component with a teacher at Trinity. 

 “An opportunity to work at a school like Trinity would be a dream,” Simon recalls of his aspirations at the time. 

It would be nearly a decade later, however, until he got that chance. 

“In 1998, the same teacher I did prac with reached out to me, letting me know there was a position available, wondering if I’d be interested in applying.” 

It’s safe to say that Simon seized that opportunity with both hands and hasn’t stopped taking opportunities that have come his way since then. His roles have included: 

  • Year 6 class teacher at the Preparatory School (1999) 
  • Inaugural staff member of the Junior School (2000)
  • Deputy Head of Preparatory School (2001 – 2007) 
  • Director of Activities, Middle and Senior School and MIC Football (2007 – 2008) 
  • Head of the Junior School (2008 – 2015) 
  • Director of Enrolments, Pre-K to Year 6 (2015 – current) 

Joining the Junior School’s inaugural staff team remains one of Simon’s highlights. 

“There were five of us who started the Junior School. It was very special,” he says. “Not too many teachers get to start a school.” 

Even so, it’s his current role as Director of Enrolments that he finds most professionally satisfying.  

“I get to talk about the School, meet families and be a part of the onboarding process at the very beginning of their relationship with Trinity. It’s exciting for each of these families, but it’s also exciting for me – it’s an opportunity to give back to boys who will become men in society.” 

Simon credits his ability to move so seamlessly between each of his roles over the last 20+ years to the support that Trinity provides. 

“Trinity is open to providing opportunities for staff and there’s plenty of scope if you step up and show an interest,” he says. “The HR department is fantastic, the onboarding they facilitate as you move into a new role is excellent.

“The School has a really strong arm when it comes to further study too – there are lots of different ways they encourage you to keep moving forward professionally through study. There’s a continued professional pathway. Trinity’s very good at this.” 

Simon’s had lots of practice at starting new roles within Trinity, but each time there’s one thing he looks for as he decides what to do next: “I ask myself whether this will expand my own skill set and give me an opportunity to grow the professional skills I have, and be challenged.” 

“I’ve been challenged in a lot of different ways,” he says. “Whether it be financial literacy or curriculum review with a strong emphasis on student improvement, I have certainly grown as an educator through these various roles.”

A supportive inner circle, Simon says, is essential. 

“Get a really good set of critical friends and professional mentors around you. Surround yourself with people who will really challenge you and bring out the best in you as you take on a new opportunity.” 

For now, he’s enjoying having parents back onsite, onboarding the student cohort starting in 2024, and the continued community engagement that comes with this. 

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