Tennis Round vs St Aloysius – Winter 22

Tennis Round vs St Aloysius – Winter 22

Last Saturday was the final round for this term and it was contested against the students from St Aloysius’ College. Overall, the fixture was competitive across the board with Trinity winning the higher percentage of matches on the day. Congratulations must be extended to the following teams who were able to register wins; 1,4,5,6th IV, 10B, 8BD, 7ABC. The 10B team registered neither a win or a loss but a very rare draw after sets and games were exactly equal.

The 1st IV had to call up first reserve Angelo Shi (10Sc) after sickness ruled out one of our regulation 1sts team players. However, this did not diminish the team’s performance as Angelo integrated seamlessly into the unit. The team was able to establish an early lead by taking three of the four doubles sets after some glorious passages of play from all involved. Dylan Guler (12WH) and Finn Taylor (10La) excelled, winning both sets, with their positional play (vastly improved) being the telling difference between the two teams. James Kim (11Ar) and Angelo Shi played well, adding another doubles set to the tally after an extremely close tiebreaker. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep their intensity in the second set. The singles commenced with an excellent win by Finn Taylor who mesmerised his cantankerous opponent with a plethora of corner to corner groundstrokes and sharp angled shots. As it turned out the result hinged on the last singles set of the day in which the temerity of James Kim should be commended. James systematically played a winning set from the get go and did not relent until victory was his as well as the team’s. Well done James!

The 2nd IV, despite their best efforts, were comprehensively outplayed by their stronger opponents. There were some highlights though, such as the Doubles set which was won by Domenic Furfaro (10Ar) who paired with Jayden Higgins (11He). Nathan Tsang (9Du) and reserve Alex Gavrilovic (11Yo) showed moments of brilliance against quality opponents and should take away the many positive aspects from the day’s play.

Jeremy Dykgraaff


3rd and 4th IV Report

Another close affair for the 3rds against St Aloysius’ last Saturday. The doubles matches were shared, with Adrian Ong (11St) and Harry Santhiran (11He) having to fight tooth and nail to prevail in a tie-break. From then on, only Adrian could do enough to win a singles match, and the 3rds were forced to accept a couple of close losses. One hopes that these narrow losses might soon turn into narrow wins, but the silver lining of effort, some good tennis and sportsmanship remains.

The 4ths benefited from a couple of forfeited sets, and Andrew Yang (11Hi) and Beier Chen (11Yo) made the most of this, winning not only their doubles match in a very convincing manner, but their singles matches, too. While Beier was made to work hard in his contest, Andrew was in no mood to be charitable and dispatched his adversary with a combination of power and strategy.

Ashley Lucas | Coach


10A and B Report

The 10As remarkably drew their fixture against Aloysius’ winning three sets each and also winning 25 games each. James Chan (10La) and Aidan Kuoch (10La) set the tone, winning 6-0 in their doubles match. Aidan continued his form and demolished his opponent 6-1 with consistent and aggressive ground strokes that his opponent couldn’t withstand. James had to fight hard for his victory, winning a narrow tiebreak 9-7. However, he illustrated an immense hunger and desire to win regardless of circumstances in the match and it was this that enabled him to get through the difficult moments.

The Bs were dominant this weekend, winning five out of six sets played. Tom North (10Hi) and Beau Moller (10Yo) played some excellent doubles tennis to see off their opponents 6-4. Beau was emphatic in his singles victory, not giving an inch to his opponent as he went on to win 6-2. Tom played his heart out and fought for every point but unfortunately he went down 8-6 in a match-deciding tiebreak. Dylan Ritchley (10Ho) and Matthew Vickery (10WJ) never looked in any doubt in their matches, winning the doubles 6-1 and both equally dominant in their singles victories.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach


9A Report

The 9As fought a tough battle but unfortunately were not able to claim victory. Christopher Lowe (9Ho) and James Davies (9St) clutched a strong win in their doubles, 6-1. Christopher also managed to win his singles convincingly, 6-1 again. Unfortunately, George Stavrakis (9WH) and Shaam Mohan (9Ke) put up a strong fight, hitting some solid groundstrokes, but were unable to defeat their opponents.

Sunny Tang | Coach


8A and B Report

The As had a difficult weekend against Aloysius’ and unfortunately lost 4-2 on sets. The doubles matches were fiercely contested with Kang Nguyen (8WH) and Toby Zuza (8Ho) playing some exceptional tennis to win 6-4. A combination of power and consistency allowed them to get through the tight moments in the match and come out on top. Alejandro Molina (8Ke) and Jared Arnold (8Ar) put up a good fight and played some brilliant shots, but unfortunately went down 6-4 in their match. Special mention must go to Kang who was the only winner in the singles matches. Despite playing a difficult opponent Kang kept his cool in the pressure situations and eventually breezed to a 6-2 victory.

The 8Bs won their fixture against Aloysius’ but there were some incredibly tight matches that could have gone either way and the boys must be congratulated on keeping their emotions in check despite circumstances not going their way at times. In the doubles, Ujwal Yadem (8Fo) and CJ Nguyen (8Yo) played one of the matches of the day, winning a thrilling tiebreak 9-7 to seal the match. The pair saved multiple match points and held their nerve to come out on top. Ujwal continued his form into his singles match and hit some blistering forehands on his way to a 6-3 victory. CJ found himself in another match-deciding tiebreak in his singles match. Once more he saved multiple match points and hit some tremendous winners in the tiebreak but this time he went down 8-6. Alex Ren (8St) remarkably also had a match that finished in a tiebreak. He played some solid tennis but was unfortunate to go down 8-6 in the tiebreak as well.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach


8C and D Report

The Cs struggled this weekend against a strong Aloysius’ team, only managing one win out of the six sets contested. Special mention must go to Alex Kountouris (8Mu) who won his singles match in thrilling fashion, hitting multiple forehand winners to seal the tiebreak 7-5 and beat his opponent. In a weekend that saw plenty of tiebreaks, it was Ethan Zhang (8La) and Dominic Chen (8Ar) who contested this one in their doubles match. The pair went back and forth with their opponents, hitting winners and chasing down everything. Unfortunately they lost 8-6 in the tiebreak but should be proud of their efforts.

The Ds dominated their opponents this weekend despite being a player short. Jiacomo Duarde (8Sc) and Adam Ding (8St) dominated their opponents 6-0 in their doubles match. Adam was on fire last Saturday as he marched on to a 6-1 victory in his singles showcasing his ruthlessness in putting away any mistakes his opponent made. Nicholas Streeton (8St) played a solid singles match with very few unforced errors. This put pressure on his opponent and eventually Nicholas was able to defeat him 6-3. In the closest match of the fixture, Jiacomo showcased his exceptional ground strokes and coolness under pressure to serve out the match and win 6-4.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach


7A and B Report

The 7As played a dominant game on the weekend, winning all of their matches. Ryan Qin (7Yo) and Marcus Kuit (7Ho) played a convincing doubles set, winning six games to none. They each, along with Nathan Della Torre (7La) and Lucas Preston (7WH),  tore through their singles matches, winning once again six games to none. Overall, a spectacular performance from the boys. The 7Bs played a superb game against St Aloysius’, with them coming away with all of the matches and leaving none for the opponent. Ollie Jessop (7We) played a very clean singles games, easily claiming victory, 6-0. Lucas Davies (7Ta) and and Roderick Chang (7Yo) all fought a small battle in their matches but ultimately they still showed that they were easily stronger, winning their singles 6-2 and 6-1. Thomas Joannou (7Du) also performed in his doubles match with Ollie, claiming victory 6-4.

Sunny Tang | Coach


The 7C and D report

Had a great turnout this weekend, winning all their matches. Eligh Balic (7Ho) and Jonathan Nung (7La) fought a tough battle in their doubles match, playing 12 games but eventually winning it 7-5. The same was said for Toby Street (7La) and Athan Fudeh (7Yo), who took their doubles match to a tiebreaker, which they won out. All the boys won their singles matches 6-1. Overall, a strong performance from Trinity. The 7Ds played close and intense matches on the weekend but narrowly missed out on their win. Zach Hovilai (7Yo) played a tough singles match but eventually emerged victorious 6-4. Joshua Quibell (7WJ) and Anish Sukumaran (7La) also played a strong doubles set, with Anish also winning his singles match. Unfortunately, despite us tying in matches, St Aloysius’ claimed more games against us and narrowly claimed victory.

Sunny Tang | Coach

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