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Prep | Pre-Kindergarten News

How the World Works

On Tuesday, to conclude our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme of How the World Works we had a morning of experiments. Our young scientists continued their enthusiasm to share their predictions and document their findings.

Harry: “I think when you put the mentos in the coke it will change colour and the mentos will make it explode”

Liam. C: “It drained down, the white thing. It went to the bottom and the coke went up like a volcano.”

Harrison: “The mentos made it explode!”

Jacob Khoury: “The mentos went all the way to the bottom cause the coke was pulling it.”

Ashton: “The sugar went up and the coke went down.”

Ezekiel: “The coke exploded; it was bubbling.”

Issac: “We’re not going to eat them. It’s an experiment.”

Max: “The last orange one changed because of gravity. It wasn’t strong enough.”

Zion: “They will be just white skittles.”

Declan: “The colour will be in the water and the skittles colour will be gone.”

Josiah: “I think if we put the lollies in the water the lolly paint might come off and the lolly will become white.”

Andreas: “I think it’s going to explode and look like a cookie when you put the tablet in.”

Jeremiah: “Lava lamps have bubbles, so I think there is going to be bubbles in it.”

Yalun: “The bubbles are moving for such a long time. There are some small ones and some big ones.”


Learning Portfolios

“A portfolio is a celebration of an active mind at work.”  (International Baccalaureate Organisation, Making The Primary Years Happen 2007).  A learning portfolio is a record of a student’s involvement in learning which is designed to demonstrate success, growth, higher-order thinking, creativity, assessment strategies, and reflection. It provides a picture of your son’s progress over a period of time, both as an individual and group learner. The portfolio provides you with a snapshot of learning from a range of experiences and curriculum areas.

We are very proud of the growth of all our learners this Semester and encourage you to celebrate all of your son’s achievements which are evident in his learning portfolio.


Holiday Bags

Today, you would have received your son’s Holiday Bag. Over the holidays, we encourage you to collect some items from experiences you have enjoyed. It may be a map of the zoo, entry tickets, photos of something your son has made. The contents of this bag will be used to share with Pre-Kindergarten about your holidays.



In Classroom Music the Pre-Kindergarten boys participated in the Collaborative Unit of Inquiry How The World Works. They participated in simple speech, singing and moving activities to develop their understanding of the Concepts of Causation, Function and Change in relation to different modes of transport such as trains, cars, buses, trucks and aeroplanes. Through movement they are continuing to develop their ability to demonstrate the Music Elements of Beat, Rhythm, Tempo and Dynamics. Boomwhackers and Solfa hand signs are enabling them to understand the relationship between the music elements of pitch, rhythm and tempo. They have loved engaging in the lesson outdoors.


This term Pre-Kindergarten have been busy developing scientific knowledge of “How the World Works” during STEAM learning times. Through our inquiries into light and magnets the boys have developed wonderings, formed predictions and explored through play. Some highlights were observing the form and functions of torches, creating light circuits, exploring the dark place and finding out what types of materials magnets attract too.

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