Trinity’s Field Studies Programme on the world stage

Trinity’s Field Studies Programme on the world stage

Mr Tim Knowles (Head of the Field Studies Centre) is headed to the 2022 International Boys’ Schools Coalition Annual Conference, hosted by St. Mark’s School of Texas to present a workshop showcasing Trinity’s Field Studies Programme. 

In a one-hour workshop on Monday, 27 June, Mr Knowles will be sharing how Trinity Grammar School implements a successful residential programme through the Field Studies Centre.  

The annual conference seeks to create conversations surrounding “character and leadership, diversity and inclusion, stewardship and civic responsibility”. The theme of the 2022 International Boys School Coalition (IBSC) conference is ‘The Path to Manhood’, meaning that Trinity’s Field Studies Programme is of particular interest to those conducting the conference and those attending. 

Trinity has a long history of providing comprehensive outdoor education experiences for boys in Year 9 that prepare them in mind, body, and spirit as they become young men.  

“The conference is a great opportunity to share what we’re doing in this part of the world more broadly,” Tim Knowles says. “What we’re doing has a lot of resonance with the theme, so we have plenty to share through the one-hour workshop.”

It’s particularly exciting for Trinity’s Field Studies Programme to be in the spotlight as this year has seen the launch of the term-long residential programme that encompasses academic, outdoor, and social-emotional learning. This immersive ‘rite of passage’ aims to develop young men of fine character as they are challenged and supported through the experience in equal measure. 

The programme is driven by both student agency and student leadership, two aspects that the 2022 IBSC Annual Conference is looking to explore as they uncover what it takes to chart a course that will prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world. 

Click here for more information about our Field Studies Programme.

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