Football News | Week 7

Football News | Week 7

With a blue sky, new synthetic grass and a white picket fence, No. 2 Oval looked an absolute picture last Saturday for CAS Round 6 between Trinity Grammar School and Barker College. The day included the first official games on version 2 of the synthetic field, a compulsory crowd for the 1st XI and acknowledgement of Reconciliation Week 2022 prior to the 1st XI game.

Below are the reports from the 1st XI, 2nd XI and Year 10 games plus the CAS Round 6 team of the week.


1st XI Vs Barker College

On Saturday, 4 June, Trinity’s 1st XI played the much-anticipated Reconciliation Round of the CAS competition at home, against Barker College. The game kicked off and the intensity was equivalent to that of a finals game, with both teams showing no mercy by putting on the press from the start. Some mentionable moments in the first half came from Trinity’s power duo, Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar) and James Andrianakos (12Yo) who developed chances with their unstoppable chemistry. Unfortunately, Barker became very effective toward goal and as a result were able to score three quickfire goals in the second half. Dominic Ticic (12Sc) was stoic in rallying the team to respond and with 15 minutes to go, Trinity’s super sub, Shivam Wadhera (11Ke) scored a cracking goal from outside of the box to bring the score to 3-1. With the crowd on their feet and the team full of confidence, Trinity was once again able to capitalise by scoring a header in the last five minutes from James Andrianakos. With the game resulting in a 3-2 loss, the 1st XI was disappointed, but also satisfied with the resilience they displayed to almost bring it back in the second half. Although this wasn’t the desired result, there was a lot to learn from the game. Trinity hopes to build upon this game and fix any issues as they head into the remaining games of the season.

Max Wende-Dunstan (11Du)


2nd XI Vs Barker College

The 2nd XI Football team had a great opportunity to play good football in perfect playing conditions, playing for the first time at home on the new synthetic. In the first five minutes, Barker pressed hard and almost scored an early goal, but a great block on the line by Felix Leckie (12La) saved the day in his first appearance for the 2nd XI this season. Another strong debut was by Jack Martin (11Sc) and Mackenzie Liversidge (11WH) had another excellent game. Player of the Match was Oscar Fryer (11Ta) who scored a hat-trick. Oscar scored two penalties and for his third goal,  made an excellent run in behind the defence to slot the ball past the goalkeeper into the back of the net. The assist came from Joshua Yeon (12Ar) who played a banana pass from the outside of his right foot that curled between and then around the back of the Barker defence for Oscar Fryer to run onto. This was the team performance of the season so far and will hopefully be a springboard for future performances.

Mr Dene Ramsden – Coach


10A Vs Barker College 

The 10As faced a formidable Barker team on Saturday. Both schools created few chances in great part to the solid defence of each defence. In this regard, Trinity was well led by goalkeeper Marcus Smith (10Hi) and central defender Dominic Peric (10Hi). The battle in the middle of the park was led by Elliot Sellers (10St), Freddie Clunas (10Yo) and Kosta Skouteris (10WH). Kosta scored a long-range super strike to give Trinity the lead. Unfortunately, a penalty in the second half saw Barker equalise that resulted in a 1-1 draw.

Mr Zlatko Arambasic | Coach


10B Vs Barker College 

The 10B Trinity team started very strong with plenty of possession in the attacking half of the field. Some very good build-up play by Chase Quach (10Du), Anthony Antoniou (10Hi) and Stefano Furlan (10Du) with a through pass to Advit Jangwal (10We) who dribbled the ball inside the penalty area and was fouled for a penalty kick. The kick was taken by Chase Quach who scored the first goal of the match at the 12th minute mark. The second goal by Trinity in the 14th minute was another penalty scored by Advit Jangwal who was fouled in the penalty box. The third goal by Trinity in the 21st minute was from great build-up by the whole team with Sam Avery (10He) finishing to score the goal. With some great defensive work by Jack Fresta (10Ke) and Zachary Ugov (10He), we regained possession and went forward through Oliver Huynh (10Ke), Alex Nero (10Ta) and Ryan Mahoney (10Sc). The final pass went to Sam Avery to score his second goal of the match. In the 40th minute a Barker player was fouled in the penalty area and they scored their only goal of the match via penalty. Overall, a very impressive performance by the 10B Trinity team with a 4v1 victory over Barker. Great work by all the players.

Mr Nick Porecca | Coach


10C Vs Barker College 

The 10Cs started their game against Barker rapidly, with a nine-minute brace being scored by Joshua Leverton (10Ke). A high pressing game, coupled with a resilient, well-rotating midfield ensured that Barker rarely managed to get out of their half. Moreover, Farzan Yaseen (10He) produced an amazing save to keep the first half score to 2-0. At half-time, the boys regrouped and focused on the challenge of continuing their strong work in defence, maintaining composure on the ball, and the wingers dropping back to transition into a 4-5-1 defence. The second half response was encouraging, with another goal scored by Lachlan Tang (10WH), and the game finishing as a 3-0 win.

Mr Chris Screnci | Coach


10D Vs Barker College 

In the first half, the 10Ds ran over the top of Barker, consistently putting their goal under immense pressure. Just before halftime, a brilliant goal was slotted away by Alfred Han (10St), and the boys came into the half 1-0 up. The main discussion points during half time involved the work done to press Barker high, the positive running in behind from the front three, and good work done in the midfield to shift the ball out of tight situations. Furthermore, the boys were encouraged to maintain their composure in front of goal, and this was encapsulated within 4 minutes of the second half with a perfectly slotted penalty by Zachariah Alshehabi (10Du). Moreover, relentless running on the wings from Aaron Byeun (10We) and Oscar Sealey (10Sc) constantly pressured the Barker fullbacks, and Oscar was justly rewarded by being in the right place at the right time to tap into an empty net, taking the score to 3-0. The game finished as a 3-1 win.

Mr Chris Screnci | Coach


10E Vs Barker College  

On Saturday, the boys came up against an exuberant Sydney Boys side, finishing out the game in a fair 1-1 tie. There was a multitude of action throughout the game with both sides coming close to scoring but not being able to convert. The first half looked quite dominant from the Trinity boys, maintaining possession in the opposition half and in-around their 18-yard box. Shortly into the game, the boys applied pressure from a counterattack and forced a handball which led to a penalty. Elliot Vilner (10Mu) was as cool as ever to slot the penalty into the bottom left corner and provide Trinity with a 1-0 lead. It looked as though the remainder of the first half went back and forth between both sides’ attacking threats, with the defensive line, specifically Marcus Dawson (10Ke) and Nicholas Musumeci (10Ke), likening themselves to a brick wall, stopping a great deal of their attacking prowess. With the commencement of the second half, Sydney Boys High came out firing, well and truly swapping their game plan to push more of their attackers forward and try and snag a goal. In the middle of the second half, the opposition succeeded in leveling out the game by scoring a goal from an unlucky deflection. The Trinity boys were not quitting just yet, throwing everything they had into the looming strikers Jonathan Nam (10St) and Kevin Lin (10Sc) up top but unfortunate in their execution. Trinity continued to shut down Sydney Boys High best players in the midfield and on the wing, maintaining a 1-1 draw to finish out the game. Full credit to the boys for giving their all even when receiving constant pressure throughout the later stages of the match.

Mr Nick Azzone | Coach



Jeremiah Sydham (i) – 7D   Oscar Fryer (ii) – 2nd XI   Fons Dries (i) – 7H
  You in CAS Round 7?   Brendan Moses (iii) – 8th XI  
    Taj Wardle (vi) – 9A    
Felix Leckie (vii) – 2nd XI Elliot Vilner (i) – 10E   Dom Ticic (iii) – 1st XI Kingston Huang (i) – 8F
    James Mallios (vii) – 3rd XI    


Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’
i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)
ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job
iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.
iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity
v. Sportsmanship
vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback and Implemented
vii.Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’


Luke Gray | Director of Football


CAS Round 7 Results

W= Win; D = Draw; L = Loss

Team Score Result
1st XI 2 3 L
2nd XI 3 1 W
3rd XI 2 0 W
4th XI 3 2 W
5th XI 1 1 D
6th XI 2 0 W
7th XI Cancelled
8th XI 0 3 L
10A 1 1 D
10B 4 1 W
10C 3 0 W
10D 3 0 W
10E 1 1 D
9A 3 1 W
9B 1 3 L
9C 1 0 W
9D Cancelled
8A 0 3 L
8B 2 2 D
8C 5 1 W
8D 0 3 L
8E 6 0 W
8F 1 1 D
8G 2 1 W
7A 1 2 L
7B 5 2 W
7C 3 2 W
7D 4 3 W
7E 1 0 W
7F 1 1 D
7G 1 3 L
7H 2 1 W


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