Careers: Futures Fair 22

Careers: Futures Fair 22

The Careers Programme at Trinity

As one of the final events of the Futures Fair this year, the Careers Programme was presented at the P&F meeting earlier this week.

The definition of a 21st century career as a “series of developmental experiences, each offering a person the opportunity to acquire new skills, perspectives, and judgment” was presented, and in that context, elements of the Programme were explained.

The Careers Programme is a bespoke service for our students, providing support when they need it, and responding directly to their individual needs. The ‘Process’ part of the Programme engages boys in careers sessions each term, and parents in activities that are timed to deliver information when it is needed. The ‘Conversation’ element of the Programme is about setting time aside to explore ideas and specific questions to help boys take action to apply for courses, scholarships and other applications.

At the centre of these activities is the concept of identifying what the boys need to know, at the right time, helping them to develop a bank of information that they can draw on when they need to. The goal is to empower them to made decisions and engage in the process of making their course applications for their post school learning journeys.

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