Volleyball Report vs Sydney Boys High

Volleyball Report vs Sydney Boys High

Trinity defeated by Sydney Boys High 1-3 (20-25) (25-21) (21-25) (23-25)

The 1sts VI experienced a tough loss this week. The seemingly unstoppable Sydney Boys High forced an intense game out of the 1sts. With an absent Tyrone Ponggun (12WH) due to Covid-19 and Tim Braga (11Du) having just recovered from a hand injury, the Trinity 1sts weren’t at full strength. However, all the doubts about the likelihood of us winning this match were put aside once Keagan Tran (12WH) repetitively fed Patrick Mansfield (12Ke) the ball, following with an instant point for the Trinity 1sts. Patrick’s improvement must be noted in this game as his hard work during training paid off in this match as he scored many crucial points for the Trinity side.

On the blocking front, David Tsai (12Ho) showcased his resilience in adapting to the aggression of the opposing hitters, shutting them down numerous times, sometimes without a second blocker assisting him. Alex Saba (12WJ) once again presented his hitting ability at crucial moments in the match, hitting over the block, around the block and through the block.

Imran Parker (10We) is a player that doesn’t receive much recognition in these big games due to his limited time on the court. However, he should be congratulated on his production of tough serves under extreme pressure when acting as a tactical substitution, allowing players who have been on the court for the majority of the match to have a rest. Imran had a large contribution to keeping the 1sts in the match.

The setting and hitting capabilities of Josh Munter (11Hi) were once again displayed throughout this match. Josh delicately placed his hits in areas where no opposition were, securing several points. The success of our hitters would not have been possible without a successful passing line. Keshav Baldeo (12He) led the 1sts VI passing line superbly, diving to keep a ball alive in the play multiple times. Keshav would often dive 2 or 3 metres to get a ball up. This hunger for the point to continue allowed Keshav to show his abilities and how these abilities greatly assist the setters and hitters in successfully securing points.

By the end of the match, half the team were unhappy about the result, whilst the other half were happy with how as a team, we have progressed throughout this competition. One thing is for certain, we didn’t let Sydney Boys High walk away with an easy win. We pushed them to a limit they haven’t been at when playing against any CAS school for quite some time. Having finished all of our GPS fixtures, the Trinity side came away with two wins and two losses. Considering how good the opposing teams were, this is a good result. The 1sts VI have a lot to break down in terms of how we played in the coming days, however, we are all looking forward to playing against Barker College next Saturday as it is a compulsory game as well as Indigenous Round.

Steven Yarad (12Mu) | 1sts VI Captain

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