From the Head Master

From the Head Master

Over the last couple of weeks, and particularly the last twenty-four hours, I have been both humbled and delighted to see the extended School community’s enthusiasm for the new Scholarship Trust.

In our preparations for our inaugural Giving Day, I was encouraged by the generosity of the donors who committed funds to the matching pool. This group of donors included major community groups of the School, including the Parents and Friends’ Association, the Old Trinitarians’ Union, the Friends of Rugby, and the Friends of Football. It also included other individuals, families and foundations. Their support bolstered my confidence that this cause would be warmly welcomed by the community.

I was further encouraged by the videos submitted by various members of the community, wherein former students, former parents of the School and staff members reflected on their experience of a Trinity education. Again and again, we heard in these videos an affirmation of the ethos and the lived experience of the School, and an expression of the desire to help less-advantaged boys to have this opportunity. If you missed those videos, they can all be viewed on the School’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

I was also encouraged by the willingness of so many people to support in the call centre. At various points we had more than a dozen parents and alumni volunteering their time to reach out to the extended community to seek support. This very practical and unglamourous activity was invaluable in the success of the Giving Day.

At the time of writing, the final result of our focused Giving Day appeal was not known. However, we did exceed our initial goal within four hours of starting, which was an amazing outcome for our first venture into philanthropic fundraising for this cause.

In previous articles I have reflected on the various reasons why our School should attempt to provide opportunities for boys who come from less-advantaged circumstances; I will not repeat those thoughts now. However, I do want to affirm that the School is committed to providing bursarial scholarships and that the Foundation’s Scholarship Trust is the means by which we will move forward on this priority.  If any members of the extended School community would like to contribute, the Giving Day platform will continue to be open for another week.

The School’s Director of Development would be very happy to speak with any members of the community who would like to work with us in funding scholarships. Please feel free to make contact with Peter Wilson at to discuss the possibilities.

Thank you for your generous willingness to contribute to the education of boys whom you do not know and are unlikely to meet. By God’s grace, may our gifts unlock a world of possibilities for them.

Detur gloria soli Deo

Tim Bowden | Head Master

For the latest gift giving tally please visit Trinity’s Charidy Giving Page

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