2022 ‘Hello Mandarin’ Recitation Competition Final

2022 ‘Hello Mandarin’ Recitation Competition Final

On the 19th of May, Trinity Grammar Junior School successfully hosted the ‘Hello Mandarin’ recitation competition. This year we had a new record of 77 contestants that joined the competition. There were five groups from Year 1 to Year 6 competing in the group competitions and there were 42 boys competing in the individual competitions. Half of the contestants were from non-Chinese speaking backgrounds. We also had a group of Prep school boys join us for the competition. We were lucky to share the MC role to introduce the contestants. This is not an easy job because we had to learn lots of new Chinese words such as the names of the participants and the title of the poems. But we enjoyed it because it helped us to build up our confidence.

We like the ‘Hello Mandarin’ competition because it challenges us and helps us to improve our speaking skills. We have to understand a whole new poem or a story. We also need to memorise them and the actions as well. We have to speak out in front of a big audience and judges. We felt nervous but we did get better and better with practice. We would like to congratulate all the students who joined this competition. Everyone gave his best and succeeded to complete his recitation almost perfectly. The competition was very successful, and we all improved our Chinese in such a fun way.

Big thanks to the organiser and judges. Thanks, Mr Dunn, for encouraging all the boys who joined in the competition. It inspired us to be involved and participate as much as we could. Some boys joined the individual competition and group competitions. It was challenging but also a lot of fun. Finally, we want to say ‘Thank you’ to Mrs Wang for organising the competition at our school during her busy schedule. She assisted us to choose poems and stories that were suitable for us, understand and memorise them, and to add expressions and actions to make them more interesting. We hope we can participate in this competition again next year.

In the individual competition three Trinity boys won the Age Group Champion! They are Mimo Kim (Year 2), Jordan Buultjens (Year 6), William Saunders (Year 7).

The following boy received the First Prize in their age group.

Asher Buultjens, Raphael Karlos, Andrew Chen, Zihao Ji, James Saunders, James Fang.

We also had eight boys receive the 2nd prize and 21 boys received the 3rd prize. Congratulations!

In the group competition, Year 3 to 6 Mandarin speakers’ group won the Group Champion again! Year 4 and Year 5 groups both won the 2nd prize and the Year 1 & 2 group and Year 3 group won 3rd prize. The Karlos boys won the 2nd prize in the family group.

Congratulations to all these boys for their wonderful achievement!

Felix Yao, Ewan Yam, Terence Ho and Mrs Wang

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