Renewal Project: excavation and demolition | 30 May

Renewal Project: excavation and demolition | 30 May

Over the next few weeks, two different stages in the Renewal Project will be taking place. Both stages will take approximately four weeks to complete.

Stage 1: Demolition works & hoardings

Through this stage, existing roof materials and four house structures will be removed. The roof materials and bricks will be recycled off site by the contractor to ensure the demolition process sees as little waste as possible. Hoardings will also be set up, comprising of timber fence panels with Trinity Grammar School branding around the boundary footpath of the four properties being demolished.

Stage 2: Trial pits, excavation / demolition works

15 trial trenches will be dug to determine the ground / soil makeup and type of material (VENM/Contamination). Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM) is material that has been excavated by an area that is not contaminated with manufactured chemicals or process residues as a result of industrial, commercial, mining, or agricultural activities. If the soil is classified as such, it will be recycled appropriately off site. However, if it does not meet VENM classification, it is considered contaminated and it will be disposed of at a certified storage facility off site and treated.

This stage will also see the demolition of the staff carpark. The existing carpark structure will be saw cut, broken down, and piled to be taken away by the contractor, when it will then be graded into recyclable materials. All of the internal metal work, crash barriers, external fencing/balustrades, old cricket nets, steelwork posts, and frames have already been removed for recycling.

Questions or concerns? Contact Scott Swann, Director of Major Projects, Trinity Grammar School via the contact form found on our website here.

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