Renewal Project: recycling and improved access | 21 June

Renewal Project: recycling and improved access | 21 June

While students have a break over the next couple of weeks, you can rest assured that there will be plenty happening on site regarding the Renewal Project. Here are some of the details for the activities happening over the end of June and into July.

Stage 1 – The existing roof tiles and roofing rafters will be removed and, once completed, the demolition of the existing brick buildings will commence. Once all of this is completed – around the end of July – the new inground services will be installed. This includes the power, sewer, and stormwater systems  which will service the new facility. During this stage, excavation works will begin, primarily to remove soil and lower the existing ground level, which will then be followed by the forming of new piling and foundation works for the new building.

Stage 2 – You may have noticed that the excavation of Oval No. 3 has begun. These works will continue over June and July. The soil from these works is temporarily being stored onsite before it will be removed either to landfill or a recycling facility. The top layer of soil is approximately 500mm in depth (4,329m³) while the remaining lower layer, a mixture of soil and clay material, is 1m in depth (8,658m³).

The Staff Carpark demolition is also underway, continuing over the following weeks. The materials from the demolition are being stockpiled and will be taken away for recycling. For example, the existing reinforcement bars and stressing cables will be smelted and re-used into new bards, while the existing concrete will be crushed at a recycling plant and re-used to form new aggregate, which is then used in concrete for new roads and more!

Stage 2 – Similar to the staff carpark, the materials from the demolition of existing ramps and stairs will be recycled where possible. As part of the Junior School Link Access and service isolations/alterations etc, these works are expected to continue, with the new link – complete with level access ramps, clear site lines throughout and easier passage from the existing carpark to the Junior School – expected to be complete mid-August.

Questions or concerns? Contact Scott Swann, Director of Major Projects, Trinity Grammar School via the contact form on our website found here.

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