2022 Poetry Recitation Competition | Prep News Finalists

2022 Poetry Recitation Competition | Prep News Finalists

Congratulations to all the boys who made it to the Final Round of the 2022 Poetry Recitation Competition. The audience was treated to a variety of entertaining poems on Monday 23rd May. Thank you and congratulations to all of the 2022 finalists: Henry K, Peter A, Ryan N, Cayden T, Lewis B, Christian P, Dinal P, Sethum U, Joshua C, Jack B, Ronak B and Jayden P.

The finalists’ own choice poems, written by a wide range of poets, were magnificently presented. The confidence and style in which the compulsory poems were recited was exceptional!

The adjudicators Mrs Norma Kamhieh (Head of English) and Ms Joanne Gabbe commented on the extremely high standard of the finalists in the competition. In the end they had the challenging decision of deciding on the Grade Winners and the Overall Winner:

Year Three Grade Winner: Peter A (3G)

Year Four Grade Winner: Cayden T (4S)

Year Five Grade Winner: Joshua C (5D)

Year Six Grade Winner: Jack B (6S)

Overall Winner for 2022: Jack B (6S)

Thank you to all the boys in Year 3 to 6 for participating in the competition, the audience who displayed exemplary manners and the parents of the finalists who were able to join us for the Final Round of the competition.

Mr Richard Lever | Deputy Head of the Preparatory School

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