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Library News | Preparatory School

Chatter Board

We often place questions in the Library for students to respond to as a way of engaging them in the space and hearing their ideas. After some discussions last week, we realised that all of our questions were written in English and this wasn’t very inclusive of the languages spoken at Trinity.

We first trialled writing a question in Chinese in Week 2, but only received minimal responses. In order to build this practice, we reflected that students were potentially unsure or lacked the confidence to answer. In Week 3 we had a new question written but had Mrs Kwok work with students to help translate the question and welcomed their responses.

The second attempt at a chatter board in Mandarin was much more successful and we were overwhelmed by the responses we received. We hope to build confidence in the students by making this a more regular practice.


National Simultaneous Storytime

Another great addition to the space this week has been the Trinity Family Tree. Different teachers have sent in baby photos and the students have been trying to guess which photo belongs to which teacher. Some guesses are hitting the mark, whilst others are a little off! The best part has been the conversation it has generated between teachers and students.

In Week 5 we are looking forward to hearing Mr Wyatt read us the story, followed by Mrs Kang who will read the story in her home language, Mandarin. Students are encouraged to share their family trees with us if they create them in the lead up.


Library Champions

The Library Champions have been busy shelving books and training new boys who have recently become champions. They have been actively participating with Library displays and Library events.

Book Review

Book review by Daniel Lim 3A- The Great Eggscape by Jory John

I love this book because the egg was a thinker and a clever egg!

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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