Sports News | Preparatory School

Sports News | Preparatory School

Football 12B Report

The game started with a fast pace and we were immediately under pressure. 2 quick goals by the opposition forced us to rethink our game plan, our goalie saved several shots. But we were struggling to get to the other half. The pressure continued in the second half and we were unable to gain dominance. Our team will be better for the experience and we look forward to the challenges ahead.

Man of the match: Han Yang (goalie).

Encouragement award: Kevin Wang (defender).

The end result was 5-0 Redlands way.

Alexei Fotheringham | 6M


Intra-Sport Year 4 / 5 Red vs Pink

The game started off with pink team scoring 1 goal and then another. Half time was called and then we started again. This time we were ready, the first 2 minutes pink scored 1 goal and then we scored 2. The rest of the game was intense, but we managed to make it a tie ending 3 – 3 and then the game ended.

By Jeremiah Lee


Intra Pink vs Red

The sun was shining across the field. We were feeling hot. We had a good save just at the goal in the first half and we scored 2 goals but the 2 halves was pink and messed up. We let our defence down and they scored 2 goals. We came close. We met at the end shouted hip hip hooray 3 times. It was an excellent match.

By Eshaan Querishi


Sport Results | Round 2 Saturday 7th May 2022

Round 2 | 7th May 2022
Football | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st XI Trinity Redlands
Score 0 6
Best and Fairest Sergio Rodriguez Chavez
Encouragement Kaden Pandher
2nd XI Trinity Redlands
Score 0 5
Best and Fairest Han Yang
Encouragement Kevin Wang
3rd XI Trinity Redlands
Score 1 2
Best and Fairest Ishan Padmanesan
Encouragement Sebastian Vanges
11A Trinity Mosman Prep
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest Joshua Casamento
Encouragement Alex Constantinou
11B Trinity Kincoppal
Score 1 0
Best and Fairest Charlie Deeb
Encouragement Damon Hua
11C Trinity Mosman Prep
Score 1 7
Best and Fairest Jayden Wu
Encouragement Christian Hanna
Football | Years 4
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
10A Trinity Prep Scots
Score 2 8
Best and Fairest Dylan Paskaranathan
Encouragement Orlando Furla
10B Trinity Prep Scots
Score 2 8
Best and Fairest Samuel Simons
Encouragement Aarav Mukesh
10C1 Trinity Prep Scots
Score 0 3
Best and Fairest Lucas Hsieh
Encouragement Sam Evans
10C2 Trinity Prep Scots
Score 0 5
Best and Fairest Viraj Bhatia
Encouragement Laith Nwiran
Rugby | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Opponent
1st XV Trinity Scots
Score 19 5
Best and Fairest Michael Whiting
Encouragement Oliver Newton
Year 6 7s Green Game 1 Trinity 6 Scots 3
Year 6 7s Green Game 2 Trinity 1 SACS 5
Best and Fairest Kobi Vickery
Encouragement Lucas Kim
Year 6 7s White Game 1 Trinity 4 St Pats 5
Year 6 7s White Game 2 Trinity 6 St Pats 6
Best and Fairest George Halvagi
5A XII Trinity Tudor House
Score 51 15
Best and Fairest Nicholas Khouzame
Encouragement Stephen Hanna
Rugby | Year 4
Team Trinity Opponent
4A XII Trinity Scots Blue
Score 0 34
Best and Fairest Roman Fotheringham
Encouragement Joseph Obaid
Year 4 7s Game 1 Trinity
Year 4 7s Game 2 Trinity
Best and Fairest Lucas Horley
Team Trinity Opponent
AFL Trinity St Augustine’s
Score 42 45
Best and Fairest Nathan Jones
Encouragement Alex Mezrani
Intra-School Sport
Team Team 1 Team 2
Game 1 Pink Red
Score 3 3
Best and Fairest Eshaan Querishi
Encouragement James Kijvanit
Game 1 Navy Green
Score 3 7
Best and Fairest Martin Luo
Encouragement Yihai Guo
Game 1 – Y 3/4 Green Navy
Score 7 3
Best and Fairest Daniel Jin
Encouragement Alex Vu
Game 1 -Y4/5 Red Pink
Score 3 3
Best and Fairest Ethan Lu
Encouragement Navaneethan Rajaswara
Game 1 Pink Red
Score 3 5
Best and Fairest Jacob Tran
Encouragement Jayden Jung
Game 1 Navy Green
Score 4 12
Best and Fairest Rui Lu
Encouragement Aaron Li
Game 2 – Y 5/6 Green Navy
Score 12 4
Best and Fairest Panav Sinha
Encouragement Aarav Sharma
Game 1 Red Pink
Score 5 3
Best and Fairest Ricky Chen
Encouragement Ethan Ho

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