2022 ICAS Competitions – Years 3 to 6

2022 ICAS Competitions – Years 3 to 6

If you would like your son to compete in the 2022 ICAS Competitions (Years 3 to 6 only), you will be asked to nominate which competitions you would like him to be entered in via the link below. At the Preparatory School the following ICAS competitions are offered: English, Mathematics and Writing. Please note that these competitions are not compulsory.

Please consider carefully before choosing this enrichment opportunity for your son. It is a rigorous competition with many questions set beyond grade level. Participants are required to demonstrate a deeper, integrated and thorough level of learning. If you are unsure of your son’s suitability, please consult with his teacher.

This year all the competitions will be held in August/September, Term 3 and will be completed online.

Please make your preference(s) by click this LINK and enter your son’s details before Friday 13th May. Please be aware that no submissions will be accepted after this date due to the ordering process.

More information about the assessments can be found via the following UNSW ICAS website.

There is no additional cost for your son to participate in ICAS tests.

Richard Lever | Deputy Head of the Preparatory School

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