This week at Cadets both Charlie and Delta Companies participated in team-building exercises learning their teams’ strengths and weaknesses by solving problems that they may encounter during the Unit’s upcoming AFT in Week 10. These exercises gave the Trinity and Meriden Cadets time to further get to know each other as a Unit, as they have only had a few weeks parading together since the end of Term 2 last year.

In preparation for AFT, Alpha and Bravo Companies’ Corporals prepared and presented lessons on Hygiene in the Field. This skill is valuable for cadets as it teaches them how to properly care for themselves and make sure that their peers are cared for both in the field and at home.

Head Quarters Company made further preparations for AFT by developing new activities and lessons along with planning to make sure camp runs smoothly, making it a great week for everyone. Everyone in HQ is working very hard to make AFT as enjoyable as possible with the cadets learning many valuable skills.

CPL Ethan Harricks | TGSACU HQ Company – Media

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