Water Polo | Round 5

Water Polo | Round 5


Last Saturday was the final round of the truncated 2021-2022 Water Polo season. It was another successful day for Trinity, with all teams experiencing victories. Six teams remained undefeated for the season including the 1st VII, 2nd VII, 3rd VII, 16A, 14A and 13A teams. Across the season, Trinity teams experienced great success with 84% of matches going in Trinity’s favour. I would like to thank the dedicated effort of all Trinity Water Polo staff members for imparting their expertise, energy and enthusiasm in their respective roles. The Trinity Water Polo staff are listed below:


2021-2022 Trinity Water Polo Staff

Mr Bradley Barr – Trinity Patron of Water Polo

Mr Tim Hamill – Trinity 1st VII Consultant

Mr Ray Swinnerton – 2nd VII Coach | 15A Coach

Mr Michael Di Paola– 3rd VII Coach

Mr Justin McGrath – Opens Team Manager

Mr Florin Bonca – 16A Coach | 14A Coach

Mr Oscar Jones – 16B Coach | 14B Coach

Ms Nina Seeto – 16C Coach

Mr Chris Artemi and Mr Tristan Glanznig – 13A Coach

Mr Gergely Malyusz – 13B Coach

Mr Matthew Robertson – Casual Coach

To the Trinity Water Polo players, I thank you for giving your personal best whilst representing the school. I commend you on your sportsmanship, as well as the respect you have shown towards staff, the opposition and officials. And to Trinity Parents and Supporters – thank you for your positive encouragement throughout the season. As we shift the focus to the winter season, I encourage players that are keen to continue developing their skills to look into playing Club Water Polo. A link to local clubs can be found here. Club Water Polo will enable players to maintain their water polo fitness and refine their skills in preparation for next season and beyond. I do hope that everyone has an enjoyable and successful winter season.

Team Opponent Result Score
1sts Cranbrook W 33 – 12
2nds Cranbrook W 31 – 1
16A Aloys 2nd VII W 16 – 4
16B Cranbrook 16A W 13 – 1
15A Cranbrook W 6 – 4
14B Cranbrook W 13 – 5
13A Cranbrook W 16 – 0
13B Knox W 10 – 0


Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo


1ST VII | WON 33-12

Round 5 of the CAS water polo competition saw our 1st VII boys undertake their last game of the 2022 season, in which we wrapped up the CAS premiership. For all of us in Year 12, this was to be our last game playing CAS water polo for Trinity, and although the game ended with a victory of some 30 goals, it was very special for us Year 12 boys. The team played a strong press, as has been the case for the past few seasons, allowing a strong defence and opening up opportunity for ample steals and counter attacks on which the boys capitalised extremely well. Perhaps the most important thing about Saturday was the bringing home of the CAS championship for the first time in a number of years, and it is a real credit to all of the hard work the team has put in over the past 12 months and many of us much more than that. For the Year 12s in the team, thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the team over the years to ensure this premiership, and to the rest of you, good luck next year and I am sure you will make it two premierships in a row.

T. Rathbone | Captain


2ND VII | WON 31-1

In the last game of the season, and what is probably the last game of Water Polo for at least half the team, Trinity easily accounted for an under strength Cranbrook School team. We were off to a good start, playing some quality Water Polo and were thus in full control of the game leading 10-nil after the first period. The second period saw only the Year 11 players in the water, and at half time Trinity were ahead 16goals to nil. The second half of the game was played by those who were playing their last game for Trinity, and for the most part it was taken seriously, with some quality Water Polo on show. Trinity racked up 15 goals to 1. A special mention to Finn Ramanuskas (11Ke) who with limited water time was still able to slot home eight goals and with their usual consistent quality play, both Luke de Lisle (12Ke) and Lewis Potter (12Fo) kept the team moving in the correct direction and ensured that the goals kept on coming. Other goal scorers for Trinity were James Robertson (11Du), Lewis Potter (12Fo), Hunter Myliotis (12Yo) and William Rule (12Ar) with four goals each, Eric Mihas (12La) with three, and Luke de Lisle (12Ke) and Justin Karam (12We) with two. Well done Trinity 2nd VII who are undefeated – a great team effort!

Mr Swinnerton | Coach


16A | WON 16-4

The 16A team played a friendly match against St Aloysius’ College 2nd VII team. The team knew that it would be a more physical match than they had experienced previously. Pleasingly, the Trinity team focused on their strengths and used their speed and high Water Polo intelligence to force multiple turnovers and counter-attacking opportunities. There were some stand out performances in the team including Orlando Mina (9St), who showed great maturity and composure with the ball; Max Burke-Moore (10Ar), whose physicality was highly effective in centre forward drawing multiple defenders; Marcus Cupac (9He), who managed to be both strong and smart in centre back whilst fronting the centre forward; and Lachlan Rathbone (9Ke), who was persistent in defence to force a number of steals and subsequent counter attacking opportunities. The whole team should be commended for an outstanding season where they remained undefeated throughout. Congratulations, 16As.

Mr Rodden | Coach


16B | WON 13-1

The 16Bs had a standout season winning almost every game and this game was no different. Competing against a strong 16A Cranbrook School side, the boys were victorious through strong discipline in defence and excellent vision in attack. Welcomed back to the team this week was Luke Leckie (9Ho), and he made an evident impact, aiding the team through his strong press defence and attacking. Jonah de Groot (10Ar) illustrated his excellence in attack scoring several goals off well planned steals, whilst Ryan Webb (10Hi) was able to prevent the opposing strong centre forward from scoring. Joseph Britton (9He) also showed his ability to read the game, gathering several steals and setting up and scoring a couple goals. Max Anderson (10Hi) made the move to playing in the field for this game and he showed he can play in any position. Playing a strong press defence and stealing many balls allowed Xavier Afonso (10We) to control the attack at centre forward. Each team member should be commended for their effort, not only for this week, but for the whole season.

Mr Jones | Coach


15A | WON 6-4

Once again due to Covid and swimming commitments, the Trinity 15A team was very short of players making it a very testing game against Cranbook School. Trinity started well, leading 2-1 at quarter time, then 4-2 at half time and extending this lead to 5-2 at three-quarter time. In the last period fatigue did take its toll, allowing Cranbrook to outscore Trinity two goals to one, thus giving the final score 6 to 4 in Trinity’s favour. The scoreline may make it seem that it was a close game, but in reality Trinity always had control of the game and had far more chances than Cranbrook. However, poor finishing led to many missed opportunities, and had those opportunities been taken it would have been seen as a very lopsided game. Matty Weston English (9Ta) had a very solid game in goals, whilst both Ben Sulyok (9Sc) and David Simmons (9Ar) swam themselves to a standstill with their constant counter attacking and then being called upon to sprint back in cover. Many thanks to Lachlan Rathbone (9Ke) and Marcus Cupac (9He) for staying back a couple of hours after their game to fill in and make up the numbers for the 15A team, both playing supporting roles and letting the 15A players play their game. Goal scorers for Trinity were Ben Sulyok (9Sc) with two; while Zaine Bachir (9Mu), Rocco Fazzari (9La), Lachlan Rathbone (9Ke) and Marcus Cupac (9He) scored one goal each. Great effort throughout the season given that the team was always short of players. Well done, boys!

Mr Swinnerton | Coach


14B  | WON 13-5

The 14Bs played a great game against Cranbrook School, finishing with a dominant lead. From the start, they realised that to win they would need to utilise their endurance swimming and counter attack abilities. In the long run, this discovery, with the aid of a long throw from the goalie, contributed to a very pleasing win for the last game of the season. The boys should be commended for their effort throughout this game and the entire season.

Mr Robertson | Coach


13A | WON 16-0

In a very one-sided game, Trinity ran out winners over the Cranbrook School. A 5-0 first quarter set the tone for the rest of the game with Trinity’s strong defence preventing Cranbrook from attacking by stealing the ball on many occasions. The rest of the game continued in this mode with a half time score of 0-0, a three-quarter score line of 13-0, and then in a shortened final period Trinity netted another three goals to give the final score of 16-0. It was pleasing to see Trinity’s strong man-on-man defence not giving Cranbrook any room to move and permitting very few shots on goal – a great Team effort. It was also pleasing to note far more accurate passing than last week, which led to many Trinity goals. Best for Trinity, yet again, was Oliver Varone (7He) who scored five goals, but more importantly, controlled both attack and defence for the team, often passing off for others to score rather than taking the shot himself. Christian Di Giandomenico (7He) also played well in attack and defence, scoring five goals. Zac Bachir (7Mu) also contributed, both in attack and defence, scoring four goals. The other goal scorers were Toby Street (7La) and  Christopher McAuley (7WH) with one each. It was pleasing to see the improvement in all players as the season progressed. Well done, all team members who are undefeated for the season.

Mr Swinnerton | Coach


13B | WON 10-0

In our last game we were able to play decisively and force Knox Grammar School to follow. Even with players missing, there was much to impress. Special mention to Lachlan Stewart (7Ho), Luke Farrow (7Du) and Luka Matic (7Ta), who were solid in the centre forward positions and managed not only very well-prepared counter attacks, but also scored some spectacular goals. Compliments to the entire team, as many are newcomers to the game and have already been able to demonstrate their skills as a team after a short Water Polo season. It is a pleasure to see that some of the boys, who were trying to work in the background and try to assist valuably to the team spirit, stood up and took the risk to shoot on target. That is a visible increase in confidence for those in the water. Well done, to the team: Max Bohle (7We), Marc Licenblat (7Du), Luka Matic (7Ta), Vasili Pappas (7Du), Ethan Peng (7St), Daniel Simpson (7Du), Lachlan Stewart (7Ho), Jonathan Webb (7Hi), Hayden White (7St), Hugo Verguizas (7Ke), Leith Graham (7Mu), Luke Farrow (7Du) and Jayden Bechara (7Ar).

Mr Malyusz | Coach

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