Prep | Year 2 News

Prep | Year 2 News

Unit of Inquiry

Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Organise Ourselves

Central Idea: Systems are used to organise communities

Related Concepts: Systems, Interdependence, Maps, Processes, Communities

Throughout our Unit of Inquiry into How We Organise Ourselves, the boys have been learning about systems. They have been learning that processes form parts of a system, but systems are made up of parts, people and interactions. To further their growing understanding of systems, the Year 2 boys got together as a grade to inquire into the different systems we use in the world around us.

How do systems connect communities?

Concepts: Form, Function & Connection

We began our inquiry by observing some of the global systems we use to stay connected. The boys analysed world maps and globes and questioned how they functioned. We viewed Indigenous artworks and made connections to the symbols used and their meaning. Finally, we identified all the systems we could see or infer from a live stream of Sydney Harbour. These immersions gave us many wondering questions about how the ‘We organise ourselves’ and our communities.


In STEAM the boys are looking at digital systems. They have started by inquiring into digital communication and are learning how to use their school email. To support this learning at home you could identify digital systems in your home: washing machine, air-con etc and investigate how they work (Key Concept: Function) and what they are connected to (Key Concept: Connection).



Over the last two weeks we have been reading the two stories ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’ by Drew Daywalt. We have explored these two texts to understand the form and function of a letter. This has unlocked some fantastic vocabulary to use in our own writing and has also supported us in structuring our own letters about TrinityBy connecting with our Unit of Inquiry learning, we are beginning to develop our understanding of informative texts, especially the form of a letter and exploring the postal system used to deliver them.  Once we post our letters, we hope to get a letter back in response! To deepen our understanding, we have also been exploring the form of informative texts by analysing their features and discussing how the function of informative texts are different from other types of texts, including reports and narratives.

Finally, in Literacy Groups, Year 2 have been working independently to identify features of informative texts and summarise facts and details. There has been a particular focus on the structure of paragraphs and how paragraphs are used to sort ideas and information. The boys have put their new learning into action by using paragraphs effectively in their independent writing.



In Maths lessons the boys have been developing strategies to identify and use patterns in their mathematical thinking.  This is supporting them to become more flexible thinkers and is enabling them to use a variety of strategies to find multiple solutions. They have been introduced to problematised situations, which are problems that are non-linear and are embedded in an authentic application of knowledge and skills. Applying our knowledge of patterns has help us understand how maths is infused in the world around us and can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Each week we set Mathletics as a consolidation task to allow your son to practise the learning we have done in the week.  To support your son’s Maths learning at home, please engage in set Mathletics tasks for the week and encourage him to attempt the quests and/or problems.

Internet Safety Week

As part of Internet Safety Week boys have discussed how we can stay safe using our iPads at school. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements similar to the ICT agreement you will have received from school. How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of the GROWTH programme and will be taught during the year.  You can support your son in staying safe online by developing a family agreement around responsible technology use at home.


Christian Studies

The boys have been investigating people who met Jesus. They have been using their research, thinking and communication skills as they have read stories about different people who interacted with Jesus. The boys are exploring how different people responded to Jesus such as John the Baptist, Pontius Pilate and Nicodemus. Over the next few weeks, they will be exploring the similarities and differences as well as reflecting on their own perspective about Jesus. We have also been conducting Chapel outside on the new basketball court where we have begun our journey looking at covenants / agreements between God and us. We will be examining how important it is for us to understand the relationship between covenants and God’s amazing plan of salvation.

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