CAS Swimming and Diving Championships Bulletin Notice

CAS Swimming and Diving Championships Bulletin Notice

CAS Swimming and Diving Championships
Thursday, 17 March 2022
At Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Attendance is compulsory for all students in Year 11, School Officers, House Vice Captains and Year 9 Monitors

If your son is required to attend the Swimming and Diving championships, parents must ensure they access the parent portal and provide consent, otherwise your son will not be permitted to attend.

The CAS Swimming and Diving team will be given lunch at School at 12:15pm and at 2:45pm the team will leave the School by coach to go Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC). All student spectators who are attending the Championships will be taken by coach to SOPAC leaving the School at 3:25pm. These students will be given a light meal before leaving and will have access to the canteen inside the Aquatic Centre.  It is compulsory for boys to travel to the championships by coach. Parents can indicate on the Parent Portal if they are picking their son up after the Championships at approximately 8:15pm from Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park.

Parents must collect their son/s from either the Summer Hill Campus, or the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Coaches will transport the boys back to Trinity unless prior arrangements have been made on the Parent Portal. Please do not make arrangements for boys to leave the Aquatic Centre before the end of the Championships, as boys will not be allowed to leave before our School is dismissed.

Coaches will return to the Summer Hill Campus at approximately 8:45pm. Parents are encouraged to park in the car park (entry via Victoria St) and arrange to meet your son/s there.

Dress: Grey uniform without blazer (NO Khaki uniforms).

Masks: It is a requirement that all students wear a mask when travelling by coach.

No boys will be given permission to drive a car either to or from the Championships.

Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

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