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Premier’s Reading Challenge

The 2022 Premier’s Reading Challenge officially started this week on Monday 28 February, and runs until Friday 19 August. The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) aims to encourage a love of reading in students, challenging them to read more, and to read more widely.

All students in the Junior School have been registered for the Premier’s Reading Challenge and have received their login stickers this week. These are stuck in the front of their Record Books and contain their username and password. Every year we have a large percentage of students who successfully complete the challenge, and we look forward to continuing that trend in 2022.

To successfully complete the challenge, boys in K-2 read 30 picture books (with parents/teachers or independently), and boys in Years 3-6 read 20 books. 15 of these books must come from the Premier’s Reading Challenge lists, and the additional 5 can be any book of personal choice. The PRC books in the Junior School Library have a corresponding coloured sticker on the spine, to enable easy identification by students when borrowing: red for K-2 books, green for 3-4 books, purple for 5-6 books and blue for 7-9 books. Boys may read up a challenge level, but not down. There are a range of books across each category, to cater for all reading levels.

During Library lessons this week, boys were introduced to the challenge. The vast majority have participated before and are excited to continue their PRC journey this year. Students who have participated at another school will have their PRC records merged, to continue their progress towards a gold or platinum award. We recently handed out many gold awards from 2021 to boys in Years 4, 5 and 6 for completing 4 years of the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

During our lessons this week, boys in older grades logged in to the PRC website, and added any books they have already read this term to their reading challenge record. Boys in younger grades were read a picture book from the PRC list, and encouraged to borrow books from the PRC sections of the library. Mrs Indari and Miss Case will upload any PRC books borrowed by boys in Years K-2 to their reading record each week as the books are returned, to enable each student to successfully complete the challenge.

You may like to encourage your son in this challenge by asking him about the PRC, how his progress is going or engaging with him in the current book he is reading. Perhaps you have some suggestions for him of books you enjoyed reading when you were younger, that may be on the PRC list!

We look forward to supporting the students through the Premier’s Reading Challenge, and seeing boys engaging with literature in new and exciting ways.

Miss Gratton | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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