Chess Round 2 vs St. Aloysius’

Chess Round 2 vs St. Aloysius’

Due to an unforeseen cancellation from Barker College in Round 1, Trinity’s first game in the 2022 CAS Competition was actually against St Aloysius’ College in Round 2. After farewelling our graduating Year 12 players last year, this year we welcomed many new talented players. Heading into the competition, nerves and excitement were at an all-time high, and it was incredible to see that everyone in the chess team challenged their opponents with unwavering determination and intensity.


Junior Team

The Junior team played incredibly well. An amazing start with Alexander Kountouris (8Mu) accurately outplaying his opponent. Finn Canadas (8Ar) and Ryan Hoang (8Ta) additionally deserve recognition for their intelligent play. However, special mention to Ashvin Nagaratnam (8Yo) who had what looked like a hopeless position but used his impressive composure to fight back and even win the game in a spectacular fashion!

“The junior team had an amazing 3 – 1 win against St Aloysius’ and I was very impressed with the skill level of our team after the Christmas holidays. I’m predicting a 4 – 0 win with Waverley next week.”

– Alexander Kountouris (8Mu)


Intermediate Team

The Intermediate team played possibly the best out of the three teams, winning all four of their games confidently, Albert Zhou (9WJ) showing his patience, Jeffery Huang (10St) with his precision, Angelo Shi (10Sc) demonstrating sharp skills to punish his opponents’ mistakes, and Elton Huang (10Ar) with his strong ability to consistently pressure his opponent. The Intermediate team is showing some seriously fierce potential!


Senior Team 

Finally, the Senior team played nothing short of astonishing games. Very special mention to Rory Briscoe (12Du) for his CAS Chess Debut and swift finish as he professionally defeated his opponent. James Kim (11Ar) played a very strong game as per usual, demonstrating his ability to play great chess. Jeremy Gergis (12Du), also playing his CAS Chess Debut, experienced a difficult time but found a way to consolidate and checkmate his opponent. Finally, Kevin Zhang (12Ho) played a stressful and nail-biting game but outplayed his opponent well.

The final total score was 10-2 with Trinity being the winning team — a fantastic result! Overall, we are showing great play, great potential and great passion for chess! We look forward to playing against Waverley next week with this newfound momentum.

Kevin Zhang and Jeremy Gergis  |  2022 Chess Captain and Vice Captain

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