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Prep | Year 6 News

Current Unit – How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea – The choices we make can be influenced and informed by the media.

Unit of Inquiry

During our Unit of Inquiry, for the first two weeks we focussed on Who We Are. We created an essential agreement that mirrored our learning and behaviour habits to that of Tigers. For example as Year 6 students we will look after the cubs (younger students). We inquired into learner profiles and how they are used around the world. We made posters showing a photo of us demonstrating a learner profile and a quick summary of what it means.

We reflected on our individual leadership skills by writing positive notes about each other and sticking them on lockers. We also learnt about leadership in different classes such as PE, Music and Mandarin. Recently we studied the leadership qualities of Martin Luther King and linked it to our English focus of persuasive techniques.

We have also begun our unit on How We Express Ourselves. For the next 6 weeks we will be inquiring into the choices we make and how we can be influenced and informed by the media.


Year Six have enjoyed our Mathematics lessons so far. We have focussed on number work. We have been learning about adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. Can you solve -4+ -5- – 7 =? We also have been working on different tasks on square numbers and prime and composite numbers. We always start lessons with a warmup and then based on our level of knowledge we begin the task or select a workshop to help us. If we finish quickly, we often get something harder to complete.


So far this year we have started spelling activities. As a year 6 grade each student did a spelling test and based on the mistakes we made we got sorted into different groups and each teacher made a workshop on that mistake, everyone got a lot out of that workshop. Workshops included doubling consonants before suffixes and dropping the ‘y’ when adding ‘ies’.

 Every day after recess we do rapid writing. A topic has been given on the board and we had 10 minutes to write a paragraph about that topic. There aren’t any rules we just have to write what comes into our imagination.

 We have started working on different types of persuasive techniques to use in our persuasive texts. We also wrote a persuasive text on whether schools should make uniforms compulsory or not. Another topic we have begun with a focus on topic sentences is whether iPads are better than Chromebooks.

We have also begun reading the Landry News in shared reading.

By Jayden Paskaranathan, Ronak Biswas and Lucas Kim

Coming up in Year 6

UOI – How We Express Ourselves

Mathematics – Whole Number Inquiry, addition and subtraction, length and area

English – Writing to persuade with a focus on whole text and paragraph writing

Other Information

Year Six have been trialling the use of iPads for the first 5 weeks of the year. We will then be back to using our Chromebook.

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