From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Last Saturday saw a return to IPSHA sport after a span of eight months, to the delight of boys and parents. We had an excellent result in Tennis and Year 6 Cricket had a good day. Many of the Basketball matches against St. Aloysius or TGS Prep were tight, competitive tussles, many of which were played on the new court over at The Preparatory School.


This week we had our Junior School Swim Trials and selected our Junior School Swim Team who today visited Scots for the first of two practice events in preparation for the IPSHA Carnival on 1 March at SOPAC. They will go to Newington next Friday to complete their practice sessions.


If boys know they cannot make a match beforehand, please email Mr Dunn ( requesting leave. If sickness leads to absence on a Saturday morning please text me on 0438 980 602 or email me .


Please make sure you have notifications and subscriptions turned on for all year groups so as to get all details of sporting fixtures and notifications.

Results 12/2/2022

 1st V St. Aloysius 48 def TGSJS 23
Best and Fairest Jason Lan
Consistent Effort Matthew Portois
2nd V St. Aloysius 30 def TGSJS 24
Best and Fairest Anthony Fanos
Consistent Effort Zac Sukkar
3rd V St. Aloysius 30 def TGSJS 22
Best and Fairest James Taouk
Consistent Effort Finley Askew
4th V St. Aloysius 26 def TGSJS 20
Best and Fairest Steven Hanna
Consistent Effort David Salim
5th V St. Aloysius 49 def TGSJS 19
Best and Fairest Andrew Nicolopoulos
Consistent Effort Ethan Choy
6th V TGSJS 32 def St. Aloysius 2
Best and Fairest Max Jarvis
Consistent Effort Alex Skepev
7th V St. Aloysius 52 def TGSJS 0
Best and Fairest Ryan La
Consistent Effort Nicolas Beke
8th V TGSJS 26 def St. Aloysius 16
Best and Fairest Joey Khoury
Consistent Effort Andrew Zeng
4A V TGSJS 12 def TGSPS 7
Best and Fairest Josh Malouf
Consistent Effort Leo Chen
4B V  TGSPS 22 def TGSJS 4
Best and Fairest  Nathan Zhang
Consistent Effort  Nessan Reidy
4C V  TGSPS 12 def  TGSJS 10
Best and Fairest  Nathan Lesnie
Consistent Effort  Ayden Youssef
6A  Trinity 165 def St. Aloysius 115
Best and Fairest Harry Horwood
Consistent Effort Dylan Paskaranathan*
6B Trinity 148 def St. Aloysius 45
Best and Fairest Lachlan Davies
Consistent Effort Jordan Buultjens
5A Grammar St. Ives def Trinity
Best and Fairest Rahid Chowdhury
5B Grammar St. Ives 67 def Trinity 51
Best and Fairest Alex Anastasi
4B Grammar St. Ives 54 def Trinity 41
Best and Fairest Asher Chiam*
5/6A  TGSJS 11 def Barker 1
Best and Fairest Terrence Ho
Consistent Effort Matthew Della-Torre
Touch Football
5/6 A St. Pius 7 def Trinity 6
Best and Fairest Luigi Barca
Consistent Effort Kai Pham
5/6 B St. Pius 10 def Trinity 1
Best and Fairest Xavier Hannan
Consistent Effort Allan Shaba
Intra Basketball
4 Blue 2 wins
Best and Fairest Ethan Jin
Consistent Effort Luke Fanous
4 Yellow 1 win/ 1 loss
Best and Fairest Lucas Horley
Consistent Effort Nicholas Lim
5/6 Blue 2 Losses
Best and Fairest Nicholas Abwi
Consistent Effort Liam Seeto
5/6 Yellow 2 wins
Best and Fairest Blake Rushworth
Consistent Effort Oscar Yang


Chris Robinson | Junior School Sportsmaster

Figure 1 6th V v St. Aloysius

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