Water Polo | CAS Trials

Water Polo | CAS Trials

Captain of Water Polo - T.Rathbone.


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the Trinity 1st VII Team for Round 1. These students were presented at Quad Assembly on Wednesday this week.

T. Rathbone (12Ke) – Captain of Water Polo and Captain – 1st VII

L. Blythe (11La)

H. Evans (12La)

J. Johnstone (11Sc)

R. Martin (12We)

L. Rippon (11La)

R. Williams (12St)

H. Ryan (11Ta)

A. Sivapirabu (11Hi)

H. Stewart (11St)

K. Van Althuis (11La)

L. Young (11We)



Congratulations to T. Rathbone (12Ke) who has been selected as Captain of Water Polo and as Captain of the 1st VII.


Last Saturday a Trinity 1st grade team played in the CAS (17 & under) Water Polo Trials held at the Trinity Centenary Pool. The day was an opportunity for senior players to compete in their first competitive matches of the season. It also enabled final selections to be made prior to the CAS Round 1 fixtures this Saturday. The results of the day were as follows:

Game 1: Knox vs Barker (16-1 Knox)

Game 2: Trinity vs Waverley (28-0 Trinity)

Game 3: Barker vs St Aloysius’ (18-2 St Aloysius’)

Game 4: Cranbrook vs Waverley (9-4 Cranbrook)

Game 5: Knox vs St Aloysius’ (7-6 Knox)

Game 6: Trinity vs Cranbrook (21-0 Trinity)

Game 7: Barker vs Waverley (McNamara Cup) (Waverley DQ – Barker Win)

Game 8: Knox vs Cranbrook (Semi-Final 1) (11-1 Knox)

Game 9: Trinity vs St Aloysius’ (Semi-Final 2) (9-3 Trinity)

Game 10: Trinity vs Knox (Nixon Cup – Final) (7-6 Trinity)

Congratulations to the Trinity 1st VII on winning the Nixon Cup!

I am also excited to share the news that the following students were selected in the CAS (17 and under) Water Polo team:

L. Rippon (11La)
H. Ryan (12Ta) (Captain)
H. Stewart (11St)
K. Van Althuis (11La)
L. Young (12We) (Co-Captain and Youth AUS squad)

These students will be joined by four students from Knox Grammar School and four students from St Aloysius’ College. They will be competing for the CAS 17 and under Team at the CIS 17 and under Trials later in the term and I will be fortunate enough to be coaching the CAS team at these selection trials.

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

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