News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

Trinity Grammar School has a long history of providing outdoor education experiences for boys in Year 9 that prepare them for the challenge of navigating the path to manhood. This week the School launched the term-long residential Field Studies Programme (FSP) which encompasses academic, outdoor and social-emotional learning. This immersive ‘rite of passage’ experience aims to help develop young men of fine character. The FSP will provide Year 9 boys with a whole new level of challenge and an opportunity to explore their personal capabilities and develop as leaders.

Surrounded by National Parks and State Forests and just a stone throw from the beautiful Jervis Bay, the Woollamia campus is perfectly positioned for the development of a long-stay residential programme and contemporary rite of passage experience. The programme provides a platform for the development of essential personal and social capabilities such as communication, resilience, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, autonomy and initiative. During the Field Studies Programme students engage in a bespoke outdoor education and academic programme with a place-based education focus.

The first few days of the FSP have been an opportunity for the boys to become orientated to the programme and to get to know their teachers, leaders and one another. This week also saw the launch of co-curricular activities and a Wide Reading Challenge. Co-curricular activities on offer this term include a book club, paddock to plate group, indoor rock climbing, table tennis and basketball skills training. The boys enjoyed the opportunity to select a co-curricular that they will focus on throughout the term and wasted no time engaging in their respective activity on Thursday afternoon.

Mrs Raffaele from the Arthur Holt Library made the journey to the Field Studies Centre (FSC) at the start of this week to deliver new resources, give the FSC library a spruce up, and launch the Wide Reading Challenge. The Wide Reading Programme will encourage students to challenge themselves to engage with a variety of texts, with points awarded as they record their reading on their scorecards. Mrs Arthur will coordinate the challenge at the FSC, with each student allocated a dedicated period in the timetable each week to focus on and develop their reading. I would like to thank Mrs Raffaele and Mr Bosco for their support in getting this initiative off the ground.

From Sunday the boys will be engaged in the first rotation of Outdoor Education activities which include roping, mountain biking, canoeing, orienteering and first aid. Overall, the boys have made an excellent start to the FSP and can be commended for the curiosity they have displayed and the readiness to begin stretching their comfort zones. As it has been said, on the edge of our comfort zones is where real growth occurs. Different elements of the programme will challenge and stretch each boy, but at every step of the way, they will have the support of their peers and the dedicated staff team at the FSC.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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