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Book reviews can be a powerful tool to help choose what to read next, perhaps find a new series to dive into or discover a new author’s work. Writing a book review can help your son reflect and engage more deeply with what he is reading while also helping to develop his writing skills.

For tips on writing a great book review have a look at this website:

This week we are showcasing two fantastic reviews by students.

Don Bradman and Me | Peter Allen

Don Bradman and Me is an amazing book that is great for Year 5 and up. It is set in 1932 in Sydney and the main character, Victor, loves cricket. Everything is about cricket, he won’t stop talking about it. His dream comes true when he gets to meet Don Bradman, his hero, in person. Victor doesn’t know if he will impress Don but it is up to you to find out. We go on his journey of growing up with him as he gets a job and has to help out with the family. You will also go through his cricket journey where he tries to rise to the top. It even talks about the controversial 1932/1933 Ashes series with England bowling bodyline! I recommend this for Year 5 and up as it touches on bar room brawls, The Great War, politics and The Great Depression (even parents will enjoy this book!). This is a great book for anyone cricket mad, a realistic fiction lover or anyone in general and I rate it 5/5 stars! By Eamon Turner 5C

Royal Ranger Series | John Flanagan

The Royal Ranger series is an action-packed sequel to the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan. It is a fantasy/adventure series about a princess, called Madelyn (Maddie) who is second-in-line to the throne. She is invited into  the Ranger Corps, an elite intelligence force who are skilled in archery, tracking and knife throwing. In the series, the main characters are Maddie, Will (Maddie’s mentor), Horace (Maddie’s father), Cassandra (Maddie’s mother), Halt (the mentor of Will and Gilan) and Gilan (The Ranger Commandant). The series is set in the Kingdom of Araluen and the country Gallica. Throughout the series, Maddie and her mentor, the famous Will Treaty, from the Ranger’s Apprentice series will fight sinister child kidnappers (Book 1), a rebellious clan called the Red Fox Clan (books 2-3) and a power thirsty baron (books 4-5). The books are filled with nail-biting action in suspenseful duels, near death experiences and narrow escapes. Maddie is an adventurous girl who likes to hunt for animals and sneaks out at night to do so. She is my favourite character because throughout the series her personality evolves from being a spoiled princess to a kind, compassionate ranger. I enjoyed reading this series because the events are fast- moving and suspenseful. My favourite parts of the series are when duels occur. If you liked the Ranger’s Apprentice, this is a  must-read. If you have never read the previous series, you can still enjoy this series but I would recommend that you read the Ranger’s Apprentice series first. I would rate this series a 5/5 stars. By Aidan Tay 4J Students are welcome to pick up a review template in the library or write their own review and send in to

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