Library News | Junior School

Library News | Junior School

Borrowing is back!

The Library staff are always thrilled to hear from the boys about their reading experiences.

This week Aidan in Year 4 could hardly wait to get home to start reading his latest acquisitions from the Library.

Aidan highly recommends the Ranger’s Apprentice: The Royal Ranger series by John Flanagan.

Don’t forget to contact us in the Library if you or your son has any recommendations or requests

New Arrivals

This week the Library staff have catalogued some new books ready for borrowing.


Picture Book

The Best Cat: The Est Cat

by Libby Hathorn

A mysterious talking cat invites children through the grand doors of the State Library of NSW in Sydney. It’s the Est Cat, who wants to show them the biggest, the smallest, the strangest, the rarest and the gluggiest objects to be found there! They visit secret places, get followed by ghosts, spy special treasures and finally learn the Est Cat’s secret





by Favel Parret

A young cub is suddenly snatched from his family and home by a giant eagle, then dropped, injured and alone in a suburban garden. This is where he meets his first human and begins his long journey to becoming the most famous dingo in the world. He will never see his mountain home again, or his family. But it is his destiny to save Alpine dingoes from extinction, and he dreams of a time when all cubs like him can live in the wild in safety instead of facing poison and bullets and hatred


Fiction – Upper primary


Beast: Face to face with the Florida Bigfoot

By Watt Key

Adam says he can’t remember where he was for the two months he went missing in a Florida swamp. That’s not true. He does remember. He also hasn’t forgotten why he went into the swamp in the first place: One night, he was driving with his parents and the car crashed when his father swerved to avoid colliding with a giant Sasquatch-like creature standing in the highway. Haunted by his parents’ subsequent disappearance and hounded for claiming to have seen Bigfoot, Adam sets off into the deadly wilderness on a hunt for answers as to what really happened that night. The answers he finds are more terrifying — and more surprising — than he could have imagined. Adam can only wish he didn’t remember anything at all.


Graphic Novel


Cranky Chicken

by Katherine Battersby

Everything about Chicken is cranky. Cranky eyes, cranky eyebrows, super sharp cranky beak, even cranky scratchy feet. And everything makes Chicken cranky. The sun is too bright, the dirt is too dirty. What Cranky Chicken is not is lonely. Nope, nope, definitely not. But then along comes a very cheerful worm named Speedy, who just wants to be friends.Remove featured image


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