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I want to share with you Year 5’s Library lesson this week. I have included the information that was provided to students, and I have selected a piece of work from each of the Year 5 classes. This lesson incorporated their Unit of Inquiry and their focus in literacy skills of inferential understanding. The students were creative and imaginative in their responses. I was very happy with their work.

Learning Intention: Students will use inference from photos to create a narrative. 

Success Criteria: Students can record themselves telling a story about the physical and behavioural adaptations of living things.

The following event happened at my house last week. It reminded me about your unit of inquiry, Living Things Change in Response to their Environment.

Look closely at the pictures.  Using inference: Make conclusions of these photos based on the evidence and reasoning.

1.You are going to create a narrative out of these images and record yourself telling the story on seesaw. The big idea of your story needs to comment on The physical and behavioural adaptations of living things.

Eamon 5C

I wake up to see my owners up and awake. I don’t know what’s happening but I can smell it. It smells like it shouldn’t be here. I trot down the stairs to where I see my owners poking around the house. Trying to find this unknown thing. But then I smell it. It’s a Possum! But I knew the possum was smart as he adapted to his environment by hiding in one of the pot plants. I am now sitting on my bed comprehending what happened. How could a possum out smart me? I reckon the possum knew that his location would be compromised if he was caught in the open. So adapted to the conditions and camouflage with the pot plant. He is now hiding on the roof, but it is late. I wanted to stay awake but I couldn’t bear to keep my eyes open. My owners were asleep and I knew that if I fell asleep the possum would sneak in. My nightmare had come true. The possum came into the house. He knocked down some things in the kitchen, how disgraceful. He even hurt some of the plants by knocking them down. I check the pot plants just to be sure. Even though they are fine I feel like he is still there. Oh No. He did his droppings all over the carpet. That’s my job and my job only. My owners are becoming inpatient as he just adapts to everything that comes at him. When they block off the doggy door he just comes through the window. But luckily today he is being put back into the wild and we are getting the carpet cleaned. Thank Goodness!

Max 5T

Crash! Bang! Scratch! Scratch! I knew what that sound was, it was Barry the brush tail possum, and out the corner of my eye I saw it scatter across the floor and I jumped up and screamed. It started to fly everywhere then we all saw it. The possum jumped on top of the fridge and so we tried just to go to bed to see if it would go out by itself but we heard the dogs barking at a pot plant. Barry had jumped inside, so the dogs couldn’t get to him, and he found it to be very cosy and safe. I called the dogs away, thinking that Barry would make his way outside on his own. In the morning when I went down to check that Barry had made his way outside on his own. Oh No!! What I saw shocked me. He had gone outside, but before he did, he clearly had a party and he was the only one invited. Then I saw that it had broken my orchid and that there were thousands of possum poos scattered everywhere. I went to the plant my dogs were barking at and saw that it had been in the plant as well because there was lots of possum fur in the plant.

Kobi 5B

Possum Panic! BANG RATTLE RATTLE BOOF! I fell out of the tree, onto the human’s roof and tumbled down to the floor. I leaped to grab the branch, but just as my fingers grasped it the branch snapped off and sent me right back down to the floor, “that’s not gonna work” I thought to myself “I guess I should find shelter in the building”. I jumped onto the wall and climbed up into the window. CLING CLANG BASH! I accidentally knocked some things over on a platform next to the window. My head darted around the room trying to find a good place to lay low to regain my energy, draw no, basket no, plant pot hmm sure. I sprint across the floor and with a big hop I’m in the plant pot, after about 4 hours of sleep a big furry creature saw me “go away” I told the big creature “no” he snapped and started barking “MUM MUM MUM MUM”, he finally stopped, but a human walked towards the pot. I turned my back to her and she peered down into the pot, she saw me, but she just picked up the pot and put it outside. I turned around and stared the human into her eyes, but instead of seeing me and running away or attacking me she helped me up onto the roof were I could get away “bye Human” I shouted with a thankful wave, the human looked confused as if she didn’t know I could wave, but she still waved back.

When Mr Sandwell (Deputy HeadMaster) heard about the possum in our house, he and Mrs Sandwell bought us the book, Possum In the House by Kiersten Jensent. We also have a copy in the Junior School Library and will be available for borrowing when students return.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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