Debating News (From Term 2) | Preparatory School

Debating News (From Term 2) | Preparatory School

For the last IPSHA debate for the term, Team B were up against The King’s School. The topic for the debate was that Tests Should be Banned in Primary Schools. Our speakers were Aiden Coelho, James Stylianou, Jeremiah Sydhom, and Marcus Chiam. We were on the affirmative side. 

Aiden, our first speaker, talked about how unnecessary pressure and bad results in tests can affect a child’s wellbeing, and that most tests do not show a child’s true ability. He also stressed that assessments are not tests and that our team is focusing only on primary school exams, not high school ones. He spoke for about 3 minutes in a brilliant manner. Our second speaker, James, talked about how studying in the lead up to a test can affect students, how kids may be smart, but cannot express that intelligence in tests, and how overall tests don’t show a student’s true capability. He also said many rebuttals which were crucial for our team. He also spoke for about 3 minutes. Our third and final speaker, Jeremiah, unleashed his troops of rebuttals to try and convince the adjudicator that King’s points were weak. He shared more than five rebuttals and ended with a summary about our team’s case. He spoke for 2 minutes and 50 seconds which is strong for a third speaker. Well done to all the speakers!

With all this effort however, the King’s School was just a tad stronger than our team, and they managed to be victorious. We debated well, but King’s points were just a bit more appealing to the adjudicator. Although we lost, we are determined to persist and try to win the next debate and improve. Better luck next time boys!

By Marcus Chiam

Trinity Team A was against the King’s School for the final debate of the Term. The topic for the debate was That We Should Ban Tests in Primary Schools. Our first speaker was Orlando Ang, Aaron Patel, William Hunt, and Lennard Suen in that order. We were negative.

Orlando, our first speaker gave a comprehensive stakeholder analysis and he also talked about how tests are required to give the school data. He also talked about how data was required for parents and the students. He spoke for over 3 minutes with assertiveness and factuality. Our second speaker, Aaron, talked really well about how kids needed tests in primary school to prepare them for high school. He also talked about how tests develop vital skills. He delivered excellent rebuttals that greatly helped in taking away the opposition’s case. Our speaker, William, gave an excellent large variety of rebuttals that attacked all of the opposing arguments and points. Our fourth speaker, Lennard greatly assisted him with his rebuttal.

Though we had great points and rebuttals, the King’s School won the debate extremely closely. In the end, it came down to the King’s School delivering a point about children with disabilities. We rebutted this but unfortunately, it was too late. Though we lost, we debated hard and well, we also learned a lot from this debate.

By Lennard Suen and Orlando Ang

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