More than goals

In the last Year 12 Careers Session this term, I presented a mystical image of a crystal ball and challenged the boys with the concept of the ‘quest’ that they were on. Not a quest to achieve goals that relate to marks to be achieved, courses to be accepted on to study next year, or sports teams to captain, but a quest to become the best version of themselves when they graduate from Trinity at the end of the year.

We talked about the way tasks, assignments, exams and performances need to balance with the ways the boys take care of themselves and attend to their ‘quest’. The metaphorical scales are never in exact equilibrium, rather they tip from side to side as we move through life. Attending to self care is the key to ensuring that our scales don’t remain imbalanced for too long

For some, making a decision about the next step beyond school can be quite daunting. Our students will hopefully recognise the value of the connections they make at school to help them weigh up their options when they consider the post-school opportunities. If boys have not approached me to have a conversation about their options, I am contacting them, and I am very happy to make appointments to Teams-meet during the holidays if this suits their timing.

Courses and contacts

Please refer to Courses & Contacts for details of courses and contacts that may be of interest to you and your sons.

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