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Music News | Preparatory School

Music is life itself

– Louis Armstrong

Term in Review

Thank you to all Instrumental and Curriculum Music staff, students and parents as we returned to some normality in regard to performances in Term 2. We began the term with the Anzac Day Service and welcomed back after over a 12-month absence Trinity Singers. All things strings were celebrated at the Strings Soiree Concert in May and some ensembles continued to record and share achievements with parents. In the Studio concerts it was so refreshing to hear the boys play and evident that we require ongoing performance opportunities for the students to develop confidence in performing to an audience. The ability to host again AMEB exams onsite for strings and piano was an added bonus and I hope the fact they could play in familiar surroundings will be reflected in the results. The Year 1 and 2 string classes end of term concerts enabled the students to work towards a goal, develop new playing and ensemble skills and play for their peers within the program. The uptake of students from the Year 1 and 2 string programs into the Private Tuition Program has been the best in my five years here, so thankyou to the staff, boys and parents for supporting their ongoing musical growth. In the Year 4 Band/String Program the students have continued to develop their skills in playing the chosen instrument and in sightreading. Thanks to Mrs Deasey who has taken the Year 4 String session in Mrs Palmer’s absence. I would like to publicly thank the Publications Department for their work in regard to our Studio Concert Programs. 

Co-curricular Group – Corelli Strings

Corelli Strings have had an exciting term learning new repertoire and performing at the String Soiree! Building on the organisational skills of Term 1, all students are developing responsibility for setting up the stands and chairs required for rehearsals to take place effectively. Students have enjoyed playing together and learning about different parts in ensemble playing. There has been a focus on rehearsing small sections, listening to other parts, and building layers as each part is added. With listening at the core of music making, students have played scales, warm up activities and a variety of repertoire including Ready … Set … Fiddle and How Do You Do? Throughout rehearsals Corelli Strings have experimented with different sounds through dynamics and harmonies while demonstrating teamwork and respect.

Music Rehearsals Term 3

All Music Co-Curricular Ensembles will commence rehearsals in Week 1 on their designated day so please ensure that students are in attendance and on time for the scheduled start time for the rehearsals.

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Music Preparatory School

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