Music News | Preparatory School

Music News | Preparatory School

Thought for the Week: Arts is essential to human expression because:

Beforea child talks…they sing

Before they write… they draw

As soon as they stand… they dance

AMEB Exams

The Piano examinations were held on Tuesday in the Beethoven Room and we look forward to celebrating the efforts of the boys once the results are received next term. Thanks to Mrs Trynes, Ms Welsh and Mrs Swanton for preparing their students for these examinations.

Co-curricular Group – Mozart Strings

The Mozart Strings ensemble comprises 13 boys who rehearse every Wednesday after school. The group enjoyed their first public performance of the year at the recent Strings Soiree, where they performed “Mill Creek Stomp”. We are now working on furthering our ensemble and reading skills through learning repertoire from the “Learn to Play in an Orchestra” series. We will also be learning a range of pieces with contrasting styles from the “Twelve Enchanting Trinkets” series. A big focus in rehearsals so far has been on improving playing in time together by learning how to watch the conductor while simultaneously following the sheet music. We have worked on this by singing the rhythm of the pieces first while following the conductor, then adding the instruments as there is a lot to concentrate on at once. Knowing your own part very well is crucial in being able to multitask and have an awareness of the conductor and the players around you. We are looking forward to learning new repertoire which is always an exciting experience. 

Mrs Lorraine Jayasinghe


Percussion Ensemble 

Junior Choir rehearsal will be cancelled in Week 9.  

Music Rehearsals Term 3

All Music Co-Curricular Ensembles will commence rehearsals in Week 1 on their designated day.  

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Music Preparatory School

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