Football vs St Aloysius’

Football vs St Aloysius’

Week 7, Term II, 2021

A beautiful sunrise before 1st to 3rd XI training on TGS 3

Excitement was in the air last Saturday as all sports connected to play St Aloysius’ in a round of CAS sport. Excitement was also created through this being our second round in the draw the 1st XI playing at home in their first compulsory crowd since 2019. Thank you to the crowd for their attendance and enthusiasm in their support of the game.

Representative News

Well done to Opens players Sebastian Boffa (12Yo), Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ), James Khoury (12We), Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) and U16s players Jacob Christou (10St) and Liam Rippon (10La) who represented CAS at the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) Championships at Football NSW on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The Opens CAS team won the tournament and the U16s finished second. Jordan Mikhael was selected on standby for CIS Opens Squad while Liam Rippon was selected in the U16 CIS team to compete at the NSW All Schools tournament next week.


Due to camp, sickness, injury and or approved leave, there have been a number of boys across Years 8 and 9 that have stepped up to play a higher team in recent weeks and it has been uplifting to see these students embrace the opportunity presented and respond to a higher speed of game and the need to have closer control of the ball.

There have been opportunities for Years 7 to 12 students to Referee primary games and or Coach at the Years 4 to 6 Tuesday morning training sessions in recent weeks also. It is great to see students being challenged with new scenarios and seeing what life is like when leading a group to achieve an objective or officiating a game. By taking up these opportunities, students experience growth, and these skills are invaluable for their time during and after School.

1st XI

The 1st XI’s sixth game for the 2021 CAS Campaign was played against St Aloysius’ College at the home of Trinity football, No. 3 Oval. The boys in green were looking for a convincing win to satisfy the home crowd of 200 boys from Years 7 to 11. Prior to kick off, there was a ceremony for National Reconciliation Week whereby Alex Donovan (11Mu) gave the acknowledgement of land. Soon after, the game kicked off and Trinity were on the front foot from the start. With four shots in the first ten minutes, it seemed like the green machine were a high chance to score soon. Unfortunately, events went the other way and St Aloysius’ opened the scoring 1-0 after a defensive error from Trinity. Sebastian Boffa (12Yo) made sure that this didn’t deteriorate the boys’ spirit and Trinity looked to get back on the front foot as soon as possible. With convincing attacking sequences led by Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) and Thomas Stobierski (12WJ) throughout the first half, it seemed like it wouldn’t be long before Trinity would score. Unfortunately, that dream didn’t turn into reality and the boys went into the sheds at half time trailing 0-1. This misfortune continued into the second half as Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar) hit the post on multiple occasions. As the game progressed, the Trinity players discovered that it’s not easy to score when the opposition place 11 men behind the ball. The final whistle blew, and the scoreboard read 1-0 to Saint Aloysius’. Credit to the Trinity men as they continued to attack fiercely until the final second.

Adam Pascale (12Ke)

2nd XI

On Saturday 29 May, the Trinity 2nd XI Football team faced St Aloysius’ College in a grueling match that ended in a 0-2 loss. A goal by St Aloysius’ in the second minute put Trinity on the back foot early into the match. Coming off of a 3-0 victory previously in the season, we entered the game with confidence. However, the opposition had improved considerably since our last match, utilising the counterattack to their advantage. Even though the match resulted in a loss, a strong performance by the back line allowed us to remain competitive, with Ben Robinson (11Yo) making several crucial tackles in defence. Towards the end of the match, a critical substitution led to the team pulling together and taking numerous shots on the opposition’s goal. Despite best efforts by Laud Codjoe (12Ta) dribbling up the pitch from midfield and playing decisive attacking passes, Trinity was unable to convert, following another unfortunate goal by St Aloysius’, making the score 2-0. While a difficult match, Trinity nonetheless displayed dominance throughout most of the game, playing high into the opposition’s half.

Ricardo Delgado (12St)

3rd XI

The team had most of the possession and were able to bring the ball up to the goals but failed to take shots. St Aloysius’ had 2 clear opportunities and converted both. On a day where the wind dominated, our passing was not accurate enough. A lack of physicality and a missed penalty all meant that this game had slipped away. Our defence including Will Martin (12WH), Thomas Guirgis (11Ar), Joshua Marcos (11Fo) and Owen Peck(12Fo) worked hard all throughout the game.

Mr. J. Vaccarella | Coach

4th XI

This game was another example of the tenacity of this team. The 4th XI were 1-0 up through a fine header by Antony Zafiropoulos (12Yo) before the opposition scored. Lachlan Stubbs (11Ho) had another outstanding game in the midfield as did Jack Barter (11St) and Marco Nagode (11WJ) as our central defenders. Every player gave 100% and we were unlucky not to win the game as we were able to maintain possession for five or six consecutive passes.

Mr. J. Vaccarella | Coach

5th XI

After going down to St Aloysius’ in the first round 5-1, the 5ths were eager to show what they were capable of in the sixth round. After dominating the play and procession in the first half, Trinity conceded from a corner to make it 0-1 going into the break. Strong attack led by James Henderson (11We) and Brandon Wong (11Hi) saw continued pressure to be placed on the opposition keeper, but they could not find the back of the net. Continual attack left the Trinity back line exposed, but a man of the match performance from Oliver Moffatt (11WH) kept them at bay. An unfortunate error from Trinity gifted the opposition a second goal, only to see James Henderson (11We) respond by scoring minutes later. The final score ended at 1-2 with Trinity close not to come away with points.

Mr. C. Patrick | Coach

6th XI

After not winning a game in round one, the team was fired up for a win. At halftime, the game remained scoreless. However, about ten minutes into the second half saw vice-captain Chris Esposito (12Ke) put the ball into the goal after a wonderful cross kick. With about ten minutes to go, Liam Filby (12Yo) scored a magnificent goal. St Aloysius’ continued to fight hard. However, our defence led by Nick Kaleel (12Mu) held back a number of raids into our goal area.

Mr. P. Stenhouse | Coach

7th XI

The Open 7th Football team met CAS Round 6 with a 4-2 loss, against St Aloysius’ College at Flockhart Park. The midfield worked well to protect our backs whilst feeding the strikers with many members showing greater control and skill development. The team’s goals were scored by Daniel Seo (11Du) and Curtis Siolas (11La). Well done to the team, who played hard on this crisp morning, and we are looking forward to this coming Saturday against Knox.

David Davies | Coach

CAS Round 6 vs St Aloysius’ College – Trinity Football Team Of The Week

Christian Pulley
(ii) – 10B
 Max Tyson
(i) – 7G
 Evan Du
(i) – 7H
 Taj Wardle
(i) – 8A
 Antony Zafiropoulos
(iii) – 4th XI
  Freddie Clunas
(i) – 9A
Owen Peck
(i) – 3rd XI
Marco Nagode
(i) – 4th XI
 Nicholas Kaleel
(vii) – 6th XI
Jacob Pham
(ii) – 8C
  Blake Whitaker
(vii) – 9E

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v. Sportsmanship

vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football and Director of Football Coaching

Results Vs St Aloysius’ College Round 6 – 1st XI

Type of GameOppositionTeamTrinity ScoreOpposition ScoreResult
CAS Round 6St Aloysius7A02Loss
CAS Round 6St Aloysius7B00Draw
CAS Round 6St Aloysius7C22Draw
CAS Round 6St Aloysius7D70Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius7E110Win
CAS Round 6Other7F13Loss
CAS Round 6Knox7G40Win
CAS Round 6Other7H30Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius8A21Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius8B22Draw
CAS Round 6St Aloysius8C00Draw
CAS Round 6St Aloysius8D32Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius8E20Win
CAS Round 6Other8F010Loss
CAS Round 6Other8G04Loss
CAS Round 6St Aloysius9A15Loss
CAS Round 6St Aloysius9B10Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius9C23Loss
CAS Round 6St Aloysius9D02Loss
CAS Round 6St Aloysius9E20Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius10A02Loss
CAS Round 6St Aloysius10B50Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius10C40Win
CAS Round 6St Aloysius10D15Loss
CAS Round 6St AloysiusOpens 1st XI01Loss
CAS Round 6St AloysiusOpens 2nd XI02Loss
CAS Round 6St AloysiusOpens 3rd XI02Loss
CAS Round 6St AloysiusOpens 4th XI11Draw
CAS Round 6St AloysiusOpens 5th XI12Loss
CAS Round 6St AloysiusOpens 6th XI20Win
CAS Round 6St AloysiusOpens 7th XI24Loss

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