Open this weekend at Delmar Gallery

Open this weekend at Delmar Gallery

Lineage celebrates the work of contemporary women artists from across the Maningrida region in Arnhem Land NT.

Exhibition installation, Wyarra spirit figures by Lena Yarinkura and Yolanda Rostron
Exhibition installation with works by (left to right) Maureen Ali, Jennifer Prudence, Janet Marawarr, Susan Marawarr

Their strong tradition of fibre sculpture and weaving is at the heart of the exhibition, complemented by handprinted fabrics and works on paper painted with earth pigments, completed during the COVID lockdown.  

The exhibition is presented in association with Maningrida Arts & Culture and Bábbarra Designs and works are available for purchase.  Request a price list by emailing

The Maningrida region in Arnhem Land is one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world, with 12 distinct languages spoken by over 110 clan groups. The landscape is commensurately diverse, covering over 7 000 square kilometres and ranging from saltwater coastal regions to rocky escarpments.

Uniting these artists from different linguistic groups, regions and generations is a profound connection to djang“Djang is an ongoing, eternal, life-giving transformative power that accounts for every aspect of existence. It also refers to the creation ancestor, the country where spirit resides, and to ceremonial designs and songs that represent that being. It is what powers our art.”

Also on display in the gallery’s project space is a commissioned animation by emerging Barkinkdji artist Maddison Gibbs.

Threads was created in response to the artists’ works in Lineage. Through sinuous line, movement and colour, it speaks to the vitality and lightness of spirit in their works.

Threads is about the journey of women going on Country, leaving our tracks and marks on Mother Earth, collecting materials, foods, medicine: listening to earth, taking time and feeling Country, exploring the interconnectedness with land, nature, mother and all living things. The journey continues across Country with shared knowledge and songlines that span one end of the country to the other.”

The exhibitions continue to 18 July.  

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12-5pm.  Free admission.

Entry via Victoria St gate, Summer Hill campus.

Jennifer Wurrkidj, Kuniyor Nagalyod (Rainbow Serpent) 2021

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