Take flight with InSite

Trinity’s new communication platform launched in Term One, 2023

InSite is the School’s online platform for communicating with Trinity’s current parents, staff, and students; a single portal view of your communications at the School.


Personal and targeted communications

We know parents are required to navigate and often interpret a mass of information. InSite makes it easier because you will now receive news and notices on your personal dashboard based on who you are, the Year group of your son, the campus he attends, his co-curricular involvement, teaching and learning etc. We are moving from mass communication to relevant, targeted communication based on the audience. This will reduce ‘noise’ and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.


You can choose how you want to receive your communications

Trinity is a busy place. Any number of events occur on a weekly basis. Although Trinity makes a conscious effort to keep parents informed, things can get missed. We recognise that our parents need a way that works for them.

Outside of the School, we all generally use a range of applications to navigate our social calendars and working lives. InSite replicates this familiar process, with a system that is easily accessible and allows you to choose how to stay informed.

InSite includes key features to set up an environment for successful communication:

  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Personalised mobile app for anywhere, anytime access
  • Notifications system controlled by the preference of the user

InSite’s personalised notification enables parents to choose from a range of communication options including: instant notifications, an email digest or even push notifications via the School app. With so many choices, you are able to find a medium that works best for you.

Watch these two videos about notifications:


One-stop shop

As well as targeted news and notices on your dashboard feed, InSite offers portal functionality so you can have more at your fingertips. These include:

  • Dashboard Quick Links to calendars, news, canteen, events, and more
  • Choose and join favourite groups, such as the library, P&F and Campus auxiliaries
  • The ability to save news and notices to read later
  • Easily filter and search both current and archived news and notices


Clear and concise notifications

Why use 280 words when 80 will do? When it comes to the structure of notices, the Trinity communications team is encouraging staff to keep the notices they write short ‘n’ sweet. Clear titles and calls to action. Plus a host of different ‘call to action’ images to help you discern what’s needed quickly and easily.


Skim or deep dive: it’s up to you

InSite will host regular long form blog-type articles from members of staff such as the Headmaster and Heads of Campus, as well as Teaching and Learning, Co-Curricular and Wellbeing. Each campus will have an 'Around and About' blog which will capture goings on in the week with photos. You are invited to dive into these as much or as little as you’d like. However, unlike historical Weekly Bulletins, where often long articles from Heads of Campus were packed with reminders about what action a parent or student might need to take, on InSite any reminders and items that include a ‘call to action’ will appear as a notice on your dashboard.


Improved log-in and tighter integration with the School App

Trinity recognises the frustrations parents experienced with sign-in delays on the School app. The School is transitioning to a new sign-in supplier in Term One in order to improve the experience, and parents will receive information about this later in Term One. In the meantime, the existing sign-in details supplied by the School are to be used. In early March you will be able to download a new app update that will allow you to access InSite notices directly from your phone and receive reminder notifications.

“I have to confess to being a bit of a Luddite where technology is concerned, but even I have been impressed with the InSite user experience and the ease with which information may be accessed. We anticipate this as a significant step forward in Trinity’s ability to share information.”

- Mr Bradley Barr,

Deputy Headmaster, Summer Hill

Ready for take off?

Click below, use your Trinity school log in, and save insite.trinity.nsw.edu.au as a bookmark in your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not to begin with. When the School updates its authentication supplier, parents will receive an email about this change and a request to sign up to it. In the meantime, parents are to use their usual Trinity log in.

The quick answer is to ensure you log into InSite daily as your news feed on your dashboard will update and the ‘bell’ icon in the top right hand corner will change to red with notifications.

The School is also launching the system with daily digest emails sent out to alert parents of updates. You can also update your preferences to receive additional alerts onto your phone, the School app, and more.

Watch these two quick videos about notifications:

The ICT and Marketing and Communications teams at Trinity are on hand to assist you. Once you have reviewed all the training videos and read this explanatory webpage, and had a go at logging into InSite to explore, there are a few avenues you can follow if you are experiencing difficulties:

  • Pop-up launch stalls at events: MarComms will be available at Prep and Junior back-to-school days, Year 7 Swap Days, Saturday sports, and more. Look for our table and we’ll do our best to help in person
  • Log an ICT Help Ticket