Dr Rosenberg’s Wunderkammer

Tracing the upheavals, aspirations and oddities of the 20th century, The Rosenberg Museum is a violin museum like no other.

Previously exhibited in Violin (Slovakia) and Berlin before being repatriated to Australia and displayed at Carriageworks in 2016, it takes up residence at Delmar Gallery for a short time.

Brand new instruments such as the Diaphonium and the One-String Horn Fiddle join this unique collection of over 1,000 artefacts featuring everything on, with, or about violins.

The brainchild of violinist, composer, improviser, and inventor Jon Rose, these are not just your regular violins. This museum features violins of fantasy and the fantastic. Violins with extra necks, violins with way too many strings, robot violins, wheeling violins, violins joined together like Siamese twins, and violins to be played on and by a bicycle are just some of the 1,000-odd artefacts.

Dr Rosenberg’s Wunderkammer is a cabinet of curiosities that will fascinate, disturb and delight.

Free performances, demonstrations and talks on Sundays at 2pm (excluding Easter weekend, when the gallery is closed).

Opening: Saturday 10 March, 3pm, with guest speaker, Anthony Bond OAM
Opening weekend performances: Ross Manning (Revolving Violin) and Jon Rose (Monochord and Various Violins)
Sunday afternoon performances: visit Delmar Gallery on Facebook for program updates.

Exhibition dates: 11 March – 29 April, 2018
Free admission

image: Jon Rose, Ten String Double Violin, Dangar Island, 1982. Photo: Kristine Rose

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  • 11 March 2018