Weekend Sports Roundup – The School of Hard Knox

Weekend Sports Roundup – The School of Hard Knox

A team that went winless last season, the basketball 12ths, scored a 34-23 win in the opening fixtures of summer sport.

But victories were few and far between as Trinity spent the weekend in the School of Hard Knox, as the Headmaster punned, with 21 wins overall against 63 losses.

Highlights included an 83-79 win for the basketball 1sts, plus victories for the 10A, 9A, and 8A teams; the 10As’ effort was particularly notable as a number of players were away at the Field Studies Centre camp.

The 8As scored the lone win against three losses in cricket, bowling Knox out for 67 then overhauling that total in the 24th over.

The water polo thirds and 14As won and the 16As drew 7-7, with losses in the other five matches.

Touch football teams came out on top 6-2 with wins to the Open A, Open B, Open C, 16A, 15A, and  14A teams but tennis had a tough time, with the 8Bs the only winners in 17 matches.

The table tennis Div 1 and Div 5 teams both won comfortably, balancing losses in the other four matches.

“The question we always ask after disappointments and losses is, ‘Where do we go from here?’ How do we pick ourselves up?” Mr Bowden said as he urged students to train hard and be ready for the return fixtures later in the season.

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