Japanese guests taste culture Down Under

Japanese guests taste culture Down Under

Trinity’s latest Japanese visitors have enjoyed a varied slice of Aussie life – from Vegemite sandwiches, meat pies and lamingtons to Bondi beach, football and friendship.

The exchange group from Kwansei Gakuin school, near Osaka in western Japan, stayed for a week in pairs with host Trinity families in what was described as a bonding experience “second to none”.

“It’s this global citizenship where the boys accept each other and try to enjoy each other’s time,” said Trinity Head of Economics Kai Ikeuchi, who has taught in both schools and whose father got the ball rolling by organising the first exchange trip in 2002.

“They were with a family every night for a week, living like another couple of children in their households. The anxiety at the beginning quickly alleviates when they meet, and you see the happiness in the students.”

The guests had cooking classes, and were introduced to the culinary delights of meat pies, sausage rolls, lamingtons, and Vegemite sandwiches. “Some weren’t too sure what Vegemite was. A minority liked it,” Mr Ikeuchi reported.

They also visited Bondi beach, and played several rugby matches, defeating Knox U16s and Barker thirds, playing what was described as “exciting and disciplined running rugby”.

They went down to Trinity in an U16 exhibition match on No. 1 Oval and defeated a depleted Open side preparing for its season finale against Waverley.


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