Five water polo players win rep honours

Five water polo players win rep honours

Five Trinitarians have been named in Australian junior water polo teams, setting themselves up for valuable international experience.

Representative honours went to Max Burke-Moore (11Ar), Orlando Mina (10St), and Taj Young (9We), who were selected for overseas tours in June, followed later in the year by Lucas Young (12We) and Harper Stewart (12St).

Old hands around Trinity said they could not recall having five Australian representatives in one sport in any one year.

Lucas Young became the third son from his family to represent Australia in water polo. His oldest brother Kai (2020) is playing the San Jose State University Spartans in California.

Lucas and Harper Stewart were selected to tour Europe in one of two development teams organised by Water Polo Australia in the absence of any world championships in 2023.

Director of Water Polo Seamus Rodden said all five rep players were involved in the School’s specialist programme, which includes off-season training.

“I strongly believe the training at Trinity has aided their ability in being selected,” he said.

“The sport is very strong with us obviously winning the firsts and 16As combined schools premierships last season.”

Deputy Headmaster Summer Hill Brad Barr said: “After many, many years at Trinity, I am still amazed at the level of athletic talent this school produces, year after year, with CAS, CIS, state, and national representatives.

“It is a tremendous reflection of the quality of our coaches and the commitment of the boys and young men who reach these lofty heights. I hope it never becomes something we take for granted as just business as usual.”


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