Weekend sports roundup – CAS Summer Round 10

Weekend sports roundup – CAS Summer Round 10

The summer sports season has finished with no fewer than 11 premiership teams in basketball and six in water polo, led by the undefeated 1sts.

Four of Trinity’s basketball teams were undefeated – the 6ths, 7A, 7D and 7I.

Also confirmed as Premiers were the 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths, and 8ths.

The 1sts lost 78-102 to Knox and the 2nds won 62-48 on a tough weekend of 19 victories and 29 losses.

In water polo the 1sts defeated Knox 14-8 to complete a clean sweep of 10 wins and no losses, securing both the CAS and combined CAS/GPS Championships.

Other Premiers were the 14A, 14B, 15B, 16A, 16B, and 3rds.

In cricket Tom Bermingham scored 120 runs and Ashton Frazer 57 as the 1sts amassed 291 runs in reply to Knox’s 200.

The 1st XI finished as CAS Runners-Up behind Cranbrook, although all eight other teams lost their final matches.

In volleyball there was a win for the 2nds but losses for the 1sts and 3rds.

The 16A touch footballers won 12-1 but all five other teams recorded losses.

Tennis also had a tough weekend, winning just two of 20 matches, and Trinity’s 12 chess teams went without a win.

It was all tied up 7-7 in debating, with wins to Year 7, 8 and 9  teams.

If the idea of sport is to learn from winning as much as losing, then the first term was fit for purpose, with 286 wins (49 per cent) against 270 losses (47 per cent).

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