Volleyball Report: Trinity defeat to Knox 2-3

Volleyball Report: Trinity defeat to Knox 2-3

A frustrating game for the Trinity 1st IV due to an impressive comeback from Knox. The momentum of this long game controlled the scoreboard, with Knox ultimately having more energy. However, the team gave a relatively dominant performance in the first two and a half sets before losing the last three. An impressive defensive effort blocking and passing made it such an incredibly close game.

An incredible performance by Scott Feng (11Yo) both setting and swinging from opposite highlighted this game, inspiring those on the court to hit harder and put in the work. His energy and consistent sets enabled this game to be within striking distance for Trinity. Josh Munter (11Hi) furthered his performance as  his consistent sets and clutch hits made for an impressive game in both the front and back court.

As usual, the unfathomable amount of noise and energy from Jonny Resissis (11WJ) made for a game with a lot of communication and smiles. His energy made a difference going into the fourth and fifth set as players were getting tired, encouraging everyone to keep trying for a bit longer. Imran Parker (10We) had an impressive first half, swinging off their block and getting some astounding hits. His imposing swings left Knox defensively out with not a single ball getting picked up.

The blocking effort from the opposite and outside and presence around the net only made libero Isaac Latt’s (9WH) – who was playing very well – easier, picking up some extremely difficult hits from the Knox side and covering the block really well. Receiving the serve, his efforts were only better in getting his hands to each ball so that the setters could have an easier job. His exhilarating defensive performance made for a very long, very entertaining game.

At the half way point in the season before coming back after the holidays, this wasn’t the way we wanted to leave it but it is good experience in these long five-set games. Going forward, we are going to look at closing out when we have the lead and maintaining our control over momentum so that we can finish the next game in three. We hope to continue developing as a team and improving communication and catch our next win.

Timothy Braga (11Du) | 1st IV Captain

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