Volleyball Report: Trinity vs Cranbrook

Volleyball Report: Trinity vs Cranbrook

Trinity defeated by Cranbrook 3-2.

This match marked many firsts for the 1st IV, with it being the first game of the season, first game in the 1st IV for all but three players, the first five-set match of the season and one of the first Friday night games for Volleyball. By far one of the toughest season openers against another CAS school, Cranbrook put up an incredible game managing to keep Trinity only a few points away from victory. An impressive and aggressive environment created by the Cranbrook crowd made this one that the students that played will never forget. A combination of the nervousness in the new team, strong serves, a low roof, communication errors and some very tough calls led to the loss of some points and the momentum needed to win this match.

The only way Trinity was able to maintain itself was with consistent points and smart plays was through the leadership of Josh Munter(11Hi) and his impeccable serves, setting the example for the rest of the team. His and other serving streaks enabled the 1st VI to stay afloat and helping to make this such a close game.

Morale boosts from player Johnathan Reissis (11WJ) with his swings from both middle and opposite punctuated the game and kept energy levels up. His consistent talk on and off the court to motivate the team enabled the attitude needed to comeback in the difficult rallies. Support from setter Scott Feng (11Yo) further facilitated in keeping team morale up with his sets and smile.

Despite losing the first set, the 1sts came back strongly in the second having control over the momentum and rhythm. This then became difficult as the atmosphere changed with the arrival and increased volume of the Cranbrook crowd, as the 1sts found themselves trying to catch up on points. However, Trinity showed their resilience in clinching the 4th set pushing the game to five where we were put on our back feet yet again.

The Parker brothers, Imran Parker (10We) and Ayman (8We)  showed off their abilities from outside and opposite respectively, swinging with depth and consistency as the setters worked tirelessly to feed them the ball.

Although victory eluded the Trinity 1st VI against Cranbrook, we are in a good position to now improve as a team and as individuals in our next game against Barker at home. A frustrating start to the season but necessary for the team’s development and growth as we try to win our next one.

Timothy Braga (11Du) | 1st VI Captain

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