Senior Volleyball

Senior Volleyball

July 30, 2022

Trinity defeat Cranbrook 3-0

It was an amazing experience to play in front of a home crowd which, filled with both middle and senior school students, lined across the balcony of the gymnasium, and cheered throughout the match to support the First VI. With the limited opportunity for the 1sts to have a home crowd present, the 1sts made the most of this opportunity by putting on quite a show. The cheering from the crowd wasn’t expected to be sustained throughout all three sets but this was made easy when Martin Wong (12Ta) presented his signature ‘toppies’ from the serving line, exposing the Cranbrook defence.

The ones that put on a show throughout the match were the hitters, displaying strong swings from the sides of the court. David Tsai (12Ho) and Tyrone Ponggun’s (12WH) aggression with their swings allowed the 1st VI to maintain their momentum. Our hitters were able to do what they do best with the help of Keagan Tran (12WH), continuing to perfect his setting ability.

Middle blocker Patrick Mansfield (12Ke) forced the Cranbrook hitters to swing with a lower intensity than normal in order to avoid being blocked. This action allowed Keshav Baldeo (12He) to sweep the backcourt to pick up any slow hits. From the right side, Alex Saba (12WJ) continued to showcase his aggression, hitting through the blockers hands.

This game marked the finale for the 1sts as the rest of the Trinity Volleyball teams will play against Waverley next week. This match showed the weeks of effort put in by the players to work as a team, presenting the crowd with some good volleyball. To all the Year 12s, this was their last game for Trinity Volleyball, and it was quite a game on which to finish.

Steven Yarad (12Mu) | 1st VI Captain

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